The Power of Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium

About Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium

A balanced diet includes all the essential macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. There’s no way that you can skip or replace one for another. Even carbohydrates are necessary for the body, even though you might reduce the intake for losing weight or other health goals. One of the essential minerals for the body is potassium. Just like other minerals, people often take potassium intake for granted.

In this post, we will talk about the benefits of potassium in detail, along with quick tips and suggestions on the right intake, sources, and other aspects.

Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium 3The Basics:

Potassium helps in maintaining fluid balance in the body and helps in keeping the major organs healthy. It is extremely essential for avoiding several chronic health issues, related to the heart, brain, and nerves. Having the mineral in your diet is extremely crucial, especially because it aids in lowering blood pressure, which is an enormous risk for heart disease. Potassium and sodium often work in different wants, as sodium promotes the retention of fluids, which can result in higher blood pressure. With enough potassium in the diet, you can reverse the effects. It is also known to be beneficial for bone health and can protect your body from bone loss. It is also helpful in reducing the risk of kidney stones.

Potassium Daily Amount:

Experts advise around 4,700 milligrams of potassium each day for grown adults. However, if you check the figures, the amount taken by men and women is much lower. According to WebMD, men in the US get around 3,200 milligrams of dietary potassium per day, while women get around 2,400 milligrams on average. The deficiency is mostly related to junk food habits. Most people don’t eat enough fruits and veggies each day, which are the primary sources of dietary potassium.

Where to Get Your Potassium?

Unlike other supplements, you should get your potassium from the diet. Potassium can be found in many foods that are high in other minerals and nutrients. Some of the highest sources of potassium include winter squash, sweet potato, potato, yogurt, fruit juices, broccoli, and banana. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can get pork tenderloin and chicken breast too. Lentils, milk, and dairy products also have a good amount of potassium. Besides food, you can also get potassium from vitamin-enhanced water and other beverages with better ph. You might want to replace your regular drinking water with high-quality alkaline water.Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium 4

Please note that certain drugs that are used for lowering blood pressure can increase the levels of potassium in the body. If you have issues with your kidney function, your doctor might advise reducing the intake of potassium. Those who take medications should talk to their physician about how the drugs and medicines can impact the potassium levels of the body. Don’t shy away from asking questions, especially if you are unsure of the actual amount of mineral you need. Also, if you have a potassium deficiency, talk to your doctor about supplements!


Calcium is essential for your bones, and one study has revealed that it can also help in losing weight. Most dairy products, especially cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt are high sources of natural calcium. If you are a non-vegetarian, sardines can be your best pick. Keep in mind that you don’t need more than 500 milligrams of calcium per day. For certain health conditions, you may need to take additional supplements, but do talk to your doctor before starting any medication.

Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium 2Magnesium:

Magnesium is vital for the transmission of different nerve impulses and helps in regulating the temperature of the body. It also helps in maintaining the natural energy in the body and is vital for bones and teeth. Health experts have time and again emphasized the significance of having magnesium, zinc, potassium, and calcium in the diet. Besides being vital for the different functions of the body, magnesium also helps in the absorption of calcium too. Women should focus on the intake of this mineral, as it helps in keeping osteoporosis away and can offer relief from menopause symptoms. It is known to aid with common premenstrual symptoms. Magnesium also helps in protein synthesis in the body and can help in the absorption of other minerals. It works wonders on the muscles and can also reduce the impact of common health issues such as hypertension, sleep disorders, and headaches related to migraines. People who do not ensure enough intake of magnesium have a greater risk of type-2 diabetes.

Other tips that matter:

  • If you think you aren’t getting enough calcium, magnesium, and potassium, do not start popping supplements immediately. Always consult your doctor, if you have any health issues or concerns.

  • Keep a check on your diet and water. Besides including the foods, we have mentioned above, you can also go for alkaline and vitamin-enhanced water. You will find high-pH water in the market, which is rich in all of these minerals.

  • Extreme supplements can cause many side effects. For example, potassium supplements are known to cause diarrhea and stomach irritation, while excessive magnesium supplements can lead to nausea, vomiting, and low heart rate. Too much calcium can lead to kidney damage, constipation, and urination issues.

Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium veggiesIdeally, your focus should be on eating a natural diet at all times. Most veggies and leafy foods have the right amount of these three minerals, and with a little increase in your non-vegetarian protein intake, you can ensure that the minimum requirements are met.

Several other micronutrients are necessary for the proper function of the body vitamin E, calcium, Iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. These can be obtained from fresh fruits, green vegetables, and dairy products like milk, paneer, curd, egg, fish, etc. These days natural health supplements are also available in the market in packaged form. These can be used within 1 to 2 days of packaging.

These products can be immensely beneficial to people who are unable to meet their nutrition requirements through diet because of medical constraints, allergies, or mere diet imbalances.


Eating Well for Optimal Health

Good Nutrition as part of a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s a sad fact that about one-third (1/3) of American adults are overweight; due mainly to sugar and fructose intake. But wait, people can change that by adopting a lifestyle with the right diet. It’s important to know how fat is deposited in the body so that you understand how to make the body lose it. Your body needs food to obtain the necessary energy to function and feed its cells.

The calories in food have energy, commonly referred to as calories. The more calories food contains, the more fuel the body can obtain from it. Good Nutrition as part of a Healthy Lifestyle

To use the energy from the food, your body has to digest the food first. The process of digestion causes the body to burn some old energy to get new energy from the food. More energy/calories are burned if it’s more difficult to digest the food.

The body’s fuel is categorized as protein, carbohydrates, or fats. This fuel nourishes the body and keeps the body functioning. The leftover calories are eventually stored in the fat cells. Your body uses a part of the food’s fuel for nutrition. The excess fuel is eventually stored up as fat in the “fat cells” of your body, around the kidneys and liver.

Lose WeightFat cells are often deposited in the chest, hips, and waist region. As the cells become bigger, your physique acquires a doughy look. The body has a limited number of fat cells, and there is only so much fat these cells can store. Once the threshold is reached, fat begins to accumulate in the muscle lining of your arms and thighs, creating unsightly, flabby limbs.

EAT FAT-BURNING FOODS All foods can create fat, but certain foods can help burn fat. Some foods have minerals or vitamins that raise metabolism and act as virtual fat burners. There are negative-calorie foods with low calories that burn extra calories during digestion. Other foods, even if you eat them in small quantities, give you a feeling of fullness.

They contain very few calories. You will significantly reduce the fat profile of your body if you consume the right whole foods. By eating these fat-burning foods at the right time, in the correct amount, the body fat profile starts to reduce. Add in foods that lower the likelihood of fat depositing in your body for an extra boost.

Here is a list of everyday foods that double as secret fat burners.

Poultry Salmon, Tuna, Citrus Fruits, Apples, Berries, Oatmeal, Vegetables, Beans, Eggs, Almonds & Walnuts, Pine Nuts


Mustard, Onions, Coconut Oil, Hot Peppers, Green Tea


Help your body to reduce fat deposits by drinking more water. The kidneys do not function correctly without enough water intake. If they don’t work properly, some of the load is discarded into the liver. If the liver is doing the kidney’s work, it can’t concentrate on its’ main job of metabolizing fat. More fat will remain in the body and fat burning stops. So drinking the right amount of water improves metabolism and keeps your fat burning at full capacity. Water also flushes out toxins and improves the body’s ability to stay healthy.


Keep your metabolism active and help burn calories. Adding muscle improves your body’s fat composition ratio. Because muscles are active tissue that continually renews itself, it always needs calories. While normal cardio burns fat only during exercise, weight training builds muscle to ensure that body fat continues to burn throughout the day.  Healthy Lifestyle 3

The main source of energy for muscles is fat. So, even when relaxing or sleeping, you continue to burn calories. The more muscle mass on your frame the more positive effect on your metabolism. It’s important to do weight-resistant exercises to build muscle and to avoid your metabolism from getting sluggish and packing on fat.

To have a healthy diet, it is necessary to follow a healthy eating plan. As it is crucial to know what the right food is, it is even more crucial to know what food not to eat. An appropriately designed healthy eating plan will serve you with all the essential nutrients required and makes your body used to the diet having a goal of calorie intake, which prevents overweighting. Most healthy eating plans have the following ingredients: Fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, herbs, and nuts. All such food items will give you the required nutrients your body demands.

Sometimes many herbs and supplements are added to a normal diet which can give many benefits. When choosing a supplement, it is advisable to be vigilant. Having too many, of the wrong or bad quality supplements can do more harm than good.

Good Nutrition as part of a Healthy LifestyleFollowing a healthy eating plan and detoxifying will make a difference in your health. When it comes to any diet or detox plan, there is no formula where “one-size-fits-all. Your body will let you know of the first signs of change for the better. Follow your instinct, and you are on the way to better health.

Now you have the secrets to a beautifully toned body in the palm of your hands. The only thing standing in the way of a lean sexy physique is you. Adopt these fat-burning secrets into your lifestyle and you will see results in a matter of weeks. The right diet plan will show you how to combine fat-burning foods to keep your body from melting away the flab.

There are countless delicious recipes to make the switch painless. Add a weight-lifting exercise regime and you will sculpt your body into an object of desire. And last; fasting is a great option to regaining your health.

The New You is ready to Emerge!


Unlocking the Power of Bee Pollen for Optimal Health

Bee Pollen Benefits

Nearly everybody knows about honey, however, not everybody knows about bee pollen benefits. Do you know the advantages of bee pollen?

* Potent Antioxidants * Prevents Allergies * Heals Prostate problems * Boosts Men’s love life * Makes Exercise Easy

Let all-natural bee pollen benefits improve your health. Make bee pollen a protein-rich accessory for your family’s healing tools.

Do you know the Health Advantages of Bee Pollen?

Who could know the health advantages of bee pollen much better than a bee? When bees help themselves to nectar to allow them to make honey, they coat their legs with pollen.

This bee pollen is collected for your colony’s principal protein food once they go back to the hive.

Bee Pollen 2Probably the most important bee pollen fact is it is full of antioxidants.

The antioxidants in bee pollen are compounds chemists call flavonoids. Bee pollen packs the punch of myricetin, quercetin, rutin, and trans-cinnamic acid. You don’t have to remember their names, but check out the things they can perform for you.

Myricetin helps white blood cells absorb the “bad” LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream. Quercetin is a natural antihistamine-the appropriate pollen could be good for your allergies! Rutin is better referred to as a treatment for varicose veins. Rutin protects veins throughout the entire body and could assist in preventing cancer too. The body uses trans-cinnamic acid to create its very own antibiotics, which are the potent nutrient that also powers the detoxifying processes of the liver.

Another key bee pollen fact is it is a supply of complete nutrition. Bee pollen is richer in protein than any flesh-based food. Gram for gram, bee pollen supplements contains more proteins than fish, beef, or eggs.


Bee Pollen Benefits for LifeWhat else is within bee pollen?

This supplement contains:

* Enzymes

* Coenzymes

* 18 proteins

* DNA and RNA

* Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E, and K

* Vitamin b folic acid

* Niacin

* Pantothenic acid

* Choline

* Inositol

* Iron

* Zinc

Probably the most interesting bee pollen facts would be that the whole from the pollen is more than its nutritional parts. Insect scientists conducted an experiment where they took away bee pollen and replaced it having a synthetic mix. This “bee chow” contained every known nutrient within its food.

First, the bees neglected to thrive. Chances are they neglected to survive. Nothing artificial can replacement for natural bee pollen.

Bees then add “unknown extra” of their very own to bee pollen. This might be the main reason bee pollen is beneficial in treating several human health problems.Bee Pollen

Sneeze no longer!

Bee pollen products treat allergies. Doctors have prescribed pollen for more than one hundred years. Bee pollen injections desensitize pollen sufferers. Allergists use “allergy shots” to avoid hay fever, hives, rashes, and asthma.

Doctors developed this process at St. Mary’s Hospital in London in about 1903. Within the original method, the nurse gives an injection of pollen and water once per week for several months. The very first injection might be 1 part pollen in 100,000 areas of water. The final injection might be 1 part pollen in 10 areas of water.

These potentially painful shots teach the defense mechanisms not to answer pollen. They decrease the immune system’s power. They ensure that it stays from becoming “hypersensitive” to harmless plants.

However, when bee pollen is taken being a supplement instead of an injection, the allergies still disappear. The main difference is the defense mechanisms are stronger, not weaker.

Dr. Lee Conway of Denver, Colorado here in the United States treats his allergy patients with bee pollen. All his patients taking bee pollen each day remain free of all allergic reactions. They don’t get new allergies once they go on to new places. They stay allergy-free.

Bee Pollen Benefits 66“Half the discomfort, Twice the Pleasure.”

That’s the way a German publication for physicians described bee pollen benefits for guys with prostate problems. Over 20 scientific research have discovered that bee pollen supports men’s sexual health.

How? Chronic prostate problems are caused by the accumulation of toxins of oxygen within the seminal fluid. Toxins of oxygen result in a “burn” at the cellular level. Bee pollen puts the fire on.

Bee Pollen Benefits for allThe advantage of sexual activity without burning, dribbling, or swollen sensation is obvious. But how about bee pollen and male fertility?

By far the most comprehensive research in this region originates from China. Researchers first discovered that chronic prostate inflammation and male infertility both are caused by the accumulation of toxins of oxygen.


Then they set about finding which product stops the creation of toxins.

Their answer? Bee pollen. The top relief for infectious prostate inflammation was a mix of conventional medication and bee pollen. Bee pollen all on its own was eighty percent as good as antibiotics. Bee pollen was free from negative effects. It was expensive less.

The true secret bee pollen benefit ended up being to increase fertility. Sperm swam faster and lasted longer. These were more motile and viable.

How did bee pollen achieve this? The correct answer is zinc. Bee pollen offers a unique mixture of zinc and antioxidants. It maximizes the strength of this mineral for men’s sexual health.

Bee Pollen Benefits 72Bee Pollen is perfect for Women Too

Two decades ago American researchers found that bee pollen might treat women’s cancers. Their government sponsors quickly covered up their findings. Doctors in Austria learned about them anyway.

Dr. Peter Hernuss and his awesome team layout to assist twenty-five women struggling with inoperable uterine cancer. They couldn’t take away cancer, therefore the doctors gave the ladies chemotherapy. Half the ladies also received bee pollen. Even underneath the worst possible health conditions, bee pollen benefits were clear.

The fortunate ladies who took bee pollen using their food quickly acquired a defense mechanism boost. Their labs showed:

* Increased antibody production

* More red blood cells

* More hemoglobin

* Along with a higher power of cancer-fighting natural killer (NK) cells.

Taking bee pollen with food lessened terrible nausea that goes together with chemotherapy. To put it simply, the whole nutrition in bee pollen prevented starvation. Bee pollen prevented losing muscles.

Bee pollen benefits even included keeping hair thinning as low as possible. Without bee pollen, there was no comparable benefit.

Bee Pollen Benefits 2How Can You Use Bee Pollen?

Take two bee pollen tablets a couple of times daily with meals, or as recommended by your doctor. Scientists have discovered that bee pollen retains its antioxidant potency for approximately 3 years during storage under household conditions.

Caution: Bee pollen’s negative effects are extremely rare; however, they are possible in sensitive individuals. We have seen one case where an individual who had severe reactions to mold experienced a severe response to bee pollen the product has been improperly kept in heat and damp. It contained mold.

Bee Pollen BenefitsBee pollen will not be appropriate for ladies who are or who can become pregnant. Discontinue and talk to your doctor in the event you experience negative effects. Bee pollen reactions are uncommon in comprehensive supplements in which bee pollen is simply one part.


The Majestic Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail

If you have an adventurous heart, then hiking the Appalachian Trail is likely on your bucket list of things to do at some point in your life. As with everything that requires a great amount of physical exertion, this kind of experience will be made easier and more enjoyable with the right kind of preparation.



The following is a list of suggestions that will help you be as prepared as possible for this life-changing adventure when hiking the Appalachian Trail:

Learn to Pack for the Trail

Packing for biking the Appalachian Trail (AT) will be a lot different than packing for other outdoor activities. You will need to find out what your tour guides suggest. Your packing list will depend on the length of the trip, your abilities, and the time of year you decide to take this trip. Follow these suggestions closely as they will help you many times along the way.

Research the Map of the Trip

Each area of the country comes with some unique views and exciting pieces of culture, but also with some new hazards and potential dangers. Take some time to research the areas you will be riding through so that you can have a good idea of what kind of challenges you might be facing. This research will help you know what to look out for along the ride and can give you the chance to properly stock up and prepare against these dangers.

Get Your Equipment Serviced

Even if you had your tires pumped and your gears oiled recently, it will be a very good idea for you to have all of your biking and camping equipment looked over to make sure everything is in good condition. You do not want to get out on the trail and have a chain break or a brake stop working when the issue could have been spotted and resolved before the trip even began.

Shop for Appropriate Clothing

Appalachian Trail Clothes

The right attire for this kind of trip can be a little hard to shop for. You need clothing that is tight so that you don’t end up with too much wind resistance. You also want clothing that is loose enough to be comfortable to move in. The material should be heavy enough to keep you warm as you travel at high speeds, but light enough to keep you from getting overheated. All of these paradoxical requirements can be hard to meet.

The best way to handle this is to head to a store that handles high-adventure outings like the one you are embarking on. They can help you find the best clothing to help you handle this trip with grace and comfort.

Purchase Lightweight Nutrition

Most of these adventures come with meals, but that will not keep you from getting hungry and possibly weak on the road. It takes a lot of exertion to endure this kind of adventure, so if you are worried about needing an extra boost here and there on the road, then be sure to pack some lightweight nutrition options. There are some great protein gels and power drinks that will give you the healthy boost you are looking for without weighing you down too much.

Review Survival Skills

Some good preparation to consider is brushing up on your survival skills like CPR, rescue breathing, and other first-aid skills.

All of these things will help your trip biking the Appalachian Trail be calmer and more exciting. A little bit of preparation can go a long way when it comes to this kind of adventure. Your efforts to prepare well will be met with a successful trip full of amazing views, good friendships, and incredible memories.

Appalachian Trail 2If you are someone who loves the outdoors, then you need to be sure that you put biking the Appalachian trail on your bucket list. This is an amazing experience that can enhance your life in some really beautiful ways. Those who make this kind of trip enjoy many benefits including, but not limited to the following:

  • Beautiful landscapes: When you bike the Appalachian trail, you will be riding through some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. This is a very unique area, geologically speaking. The rolling hills that are so close to the East coast create a strange and lovely mixture of vegetation and formations.
  • New skills: Even if you are an avid biker, this kind of tour can help you to gain some new skills. The terrain that is covered can create some different pedal methods and breathing techniques. You will come away learning new things about the area as well.
  • New friends: It is really hard to go on adventures of this nature with a group without really bonding with those people. It takes a certain kind of person to invest in this kind of experience. If this is something that you love, then you know that a lot of the other people you meet on this adventure will have similar backgrounds and mindsets. You could come away with some life-long friends thanks to investing in this one experience.
  • Deeper relationships: If you decide to experience this trip with someone you love, then get ready to care about them in a deeper way than ever before. You will be able to see a new side of this person, and this can create some incredibly deep bonds.Appalachian Trail Clothing
  • Amazing memories: It is doubtful that you will ever see things like this ever again in your life. The sheer uniqueness of the experience will make it something to remember. Memories are one of the few things you can take with you after this life is over, so investing in experiences that will create such lasting memories is a wonderful thing.
  • Familiarity with a new area: As you bike through the different towns, lakes, and forests, you will be learning new things about the area. This section of the country has a fascinating history, and there is a lot to learn about the culture, plants, animals, and people. This new familiarity can be a cool thing and will add to your love for the diversity that makes this country such a wonderful place to live.
  • Physical fitness: When you spend your vacations doing physical activities of this nature, then you are investing in a healthy body and mind. Physical fitness is a hard-won quality for most people, and this kind of vacation can help
  • you with this.

Appalachian Trail 10Peace of mind: “There is healing power in nature”. Spending a great deal of time hiking or biking through the beauty of nature can help you to reflect on important things. You can find inner healing and personal peace of mind on a deeper level than ever before. If you have a job that brings a lot of stress to your life, then you need a good chance to get away from the tension and fast pace of that life for a little bit and gain some inner peace.

The next time you are ready to get outside and feel at one with nature, you need to sign up to bike the Appalachian Trail. This is an experience like no other. There is a reason a wait list often forms for most of these tours. Get some good time to bond with a loved one, and a good chance for self-reflection in one of the most beautiful environments on the planet.

blue-ridge-Appalachian-TrailWhat goes through 14 states, (approximately) 2,184 miles, and almost every climate and ecosystem America has to offer? The jaw-dropping Appalachian National Scenic Trail – known as the Appalachian Trail, or just the AT. It’s taken partway or ends to end by over 3,000,000 hikers each year, and along with the Continental Divide Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail, it’s one-third of the Triple Crown of US long-distance hiking.

Where – and Which Way?

Appalachian Trail 7The trail runs from south to north, from Georgia up to Maine. If you’re on a roll, you can even continue into Canada to the Atlantic, a jaunt known as the International Appalachian Trail.

You can reverse the order too, going from Maine to Georgia. This has an impact on the weather and conditions you can expect: heat is more extreme in the south, and cold in the north. If you’re starting in the winter or spring, go from Georgia north. But later in the year or autumn, starting in Maine while it’s warm will get you to Georgia as it cools.

Not a Walk in the Park…

Aside from the physical challenge of walking a dozen or more miles a day for several months – and they are considerable – the main issue you’ll face will be the equipment you’ll need to carry with you at all times. This can run to over twenty pounds. As with any trip to the USA, travel insurance is a must, doubly so when you rely so heavily on what you carry. Prepare physically with cardio and strength training, but, if possible, take on some smaller local trails to test yourself and your gear.

Take in the Sights, and Beware of the Bears

The camaraderie of those you’ll meet on the road is a highlight for many people… but not all of them are human. The trail is home to deer, snakes, raccoons, countless birds, and too large numbers of black bears, which are usually shy and avoid humans – but they will inspect your campsite at night. Keep food in a bear canister and hang it from a tree.

smoky-mountains-Appalachian TrailSome more things you shouldn’t miss: – The highest point is Clingman’s Dome, in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains, up to 6,625ft. The views can be incredible up here. – It’s possible if you plan carefully to do the whole AT without a tent. The whole length is catered for by over 250 huts – but they vary from 8 to 30 miles apart. More than adequate if you need them. – For a full list of what not to miss, see here: –

Another guide worth following is Bill Bryson’s hilarious, heartwarming A Walk in the Woods – worth a pound weight in your bag, even more so as an eBook.

Preparing for the Trail – What You Need:

The big four”: – Good quality backpackSleeping bag or quiltShelter (hammock, tent or bivouac) – Sleeping pad

More must-haves: – Lightweight shoes or bootsWaterproof clothesGood USA travel insurance that covers what you need.

Nice to haves: – A light foldaway camping stoolA French press coffee maker – for a little help warming you up in the morning.


Mediterranean Diet: A Pathway to Optimal Health

A Model for Good Health -Mediterranean Diet 

Mediterranean Diet  When the heart disease rate in the United States was skyrocketing during the early 1960s, people in Greece had some of the lowest heart disease rates in the world. But the most remarkable fact about this is that they were enjoying this robust good health even though their diet racked up nearly 40% of its calories from fat plus they generally washed down their meals with a glass or two of wine.

Scientists searched the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and they discovered that it was not only the Greece people who were living longer but also in neighboring nations like France, Italy, and Spain. These folks were onto something, but what?

Mediterranean DietHere is what Christopher Gardner, Ph.D., assistant professor of medicine at the Stanford Prevention Research Center in Stanford, California has to say about it: “For one thing, the traditional Mediterranean diet includes a lot of vegetables and legumes, along with fruits, fresh whole-grain bread, dates, and nuts. Meats like lamb and chicken are consumed infrequently and in small portions, and the main source of fat in the diet is monounsaturated fat from olives and olive oil, rather than the saturated fat from animal foods. In addition, physical activity is a big part of their daily routine”, he adds.

But just how healthy is the traditional Mediterranean diet? In one study French researchers looked at 600 men who recently had a heart attack. They put half of the men on a traditional Mediterranean diet and half of them on a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet that people with heart disease are typically told to follow. Those who followed the traditional Mediterranean diet had a 70% lower rate of recurrent heart problems than those following the prudent low-fat diet.

Other studies showed similar results. When researchers examined the diets and disease rates of people in seven different countries, they found that, while heart disease accounts for 46% of deaths of middle-aged men in America, only 4% of men on Creta, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, had similar problems. The death rate from all causes in Crete during this 15-year study was lower than that of the other countries

In 2006, researchers reviewed 35 experimental studies of the Mediterranean diet and found that the diet had a positive effect on cholesterol and insulin resistance. Researchers also found that the diet also lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome, heart attack and heart disease, and the risk of cancer in obese patients and patients who have had a heart attack.

low-fat dietOne study found that, in addition to the health benefits. people find it easier to stick to a Mediterranean diet compared with a low-fat diet. A group of 772 older adults in Spain who had diabetes or three or more risk factors for heart disease were assigned to one of three groups. Two groups followed a Mediterranean diet, and the third followed a low-fat diet. In addition to the Mediterranean diet contributing to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels after three months, it also made it easier for the study participants to maintain the diet, researchers say.

The Fat Factor The most important factor in the Mediterranean diet is that it uses fat from olive oil, with a total fat intake of 25 to 35 percent of total calories. Even though people in Mediterranean countries eat as much fat as we do (or more), they eat relatively little meat. Red meat is eaten only a few times a month, while fish and poultry are eaten every week.

This means that they consume only minuscule amounts of artery-clogging saturated fat. “The big difference comes from limiting saturated fat and replacing it with monounsaturated fat, like olive oil,” Dr. Gardner says. Besides olive oil being a monounsaturated fat, it also contains antioxidant compounds that help prevent chemical changes in the body that can cause the dangerous low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol to stick to the lining of artery walls. Sweet desserts made with sugar and saturated fat are consumed no more than a few times a week.

Mediterranean Diet-nutsThe second-most common source of fats in the Mediterranean diet is nuts and seeds. Nuts contain alpha-linolenic acid, which the body converts to the same kind of heart-healthy fats we find in fish ( which is also part of the Mediterranean diet). Studies have proved that people who eat the most of these fatty acids are the ones least likely to get heart disease.

The fish that people in the Mediterranean eat contains omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to reduce clotting and inflammation in the arteries, thus significantly reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. The American Heart Association reports that epidemiological and clinical trials have shown that cardiovascular disease incidence decreases when people consume omega-3 fatty acids, especially when it comes from fish and plant foods as opposed to supplements.

Physical activity People in Mediterranean countries also take plenty of exercises, in the form of walking, hard physical labor, and generally staying active. So even though they take a lot of calories from fat, they’re usually able to keep their weight under control.

Five-a-Day Protection The folks at the American Heart Association would be delighted if they could get us to eat the five servings (or more) of fruits and vegetables that people in the Mediterranean region eat every day. The Mediterranean diet emphasizes seasonally fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables over highly processed foods that don’t contain as many micronutrients and antioxidants. Studies have shown that people who eat the most fruit and vegetables have fewer problems with heart disease. Presumably, this is due to the antioxidant vitamins and healing compounds in these foods.

heart diseaseIn addition, fruits, vegetables, and beans, which are another Mediterranean staple, are among the best sources of folate, a B vitamin that may work hard in the fight against heart disease, says D. Gardner. Folate helps decrease levels of an amino acid called homocysteine. There is a link between too much homocysteine and heart disease. Research has shown that healthy people who have high levels of homocysteine have about 14 times more chance of having heart disease

High Fiber On top of all that, the Mediterranean diet is extremely high in fiber. High-fiber foods not only help to keep your weight down by filling you up without a lot of fat and calories, but they also help block the absorption of certain fats and cholesterol. This means that some of these harmful substances are flushed away before they can make it into the bloodstream. How powerful the effects of fiber are shown in a study of nearly 44,000 men, aged between 40 and 75, who added just 10 grams of fiber a day to their diet decreased their risk of heart disease by almost 30 percent.

A Drink for Good Health Another factor that contributes to a healthy heart is the fact that wine, especially red wine, is also included in a typical Mediterranean diet. Whine contains compounds called phenols that help prevent LDL cholesterol from sticking to artery walls. It also keeps platelets in the blood from sticking together and causing clots. “In moderation, wine can be a nice addition to a healthy diet,” says Robert M. Russell, MD, director and senior scientist at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston.

Mediterranean Diet 3Final Thoughts Although the Mediterranean diet is most renowned for its role in helping to keep the heart healthy, it also appears to reduce the risks of other health threats, among them cancer of the breast and colon. Studies show that compared with women elsewhere in the world, women in some Mediterranean countries have half the risk (or less) of getting breast cancer. This could be due to their low intake of saturated fat and high intake of monounsaturated fats, fruits, and vegetables.

Indeed, Italian researchers have found that people in the Mediterranean region who follow the traditional diet – that is, those who eat lots of fruits and vegetables and not much fat and protein – are less likely to get cancer than those who eat more modern, less-healthful diets.

“The message here is simple,” says Dr. Christopher Gardner. “For optimal health, choose a plant-based diet, which is naturally high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, and low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium.”

-Thanks for your insight Adrian Joele.


Going Green: A Guide to Vegetarian Diets

Vegetarian Diets

Chefs started to experiment with cooking without meat back in the day. But the meals were often tasteless. But nowadays after experiencing this for more than a quarter of a century, cooks are combining fruits, vegetable grains, and legumes in exciting new ways. The tastes are so good that even large restaurants are now offering meatless meals.

Healing Power of Vegetarian Diets 2As a result, more than 30 million Americans, including one in three teens, have tried vegetarian meals, according to the American Dietetic Association. They like the health benefits and how good the food tastes. Vegetarian diets have changed, but one thing stayed the same: a plant-based diet, which is low in saturated fat, high in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and a powerful array of protective chemicals.

This is the ultimate prescription for a longer and healthier life, according to Virginia Messina, MPH, R.D. a dietitian in Port Townsend, Washington, and co-author of The Vegetarian Way.

Research results have shown that vegetarians have lower rates of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, type two diabetes, and obesity than people who eat meat. According to British researchers, vegetarians have a 20% lower risk of fatal heart disease and a 40% lower risk of cancer.

Healing Power of Vegetarian DietsOther studies found more positive facts. Fifty years ago, a large study of 27,530 Seventh-Day Adventists, whose religion advocates a vegetarian diet, provided the first scientific link between vegetarian diets and better health. Researchers were amazed to discover that among the vegetarian Adventists, the death rate from cancer was 50 to 70% lower than among other Americans. Since then, study after study has confirmed the benefits of vegetarian eating.

In Asia, where people eat little or no meat, diseases such as heart disease, breast cancer, and diabetes, are far less common than in the United States.

Naturally Lean

Something that makes vegetarian meals so healthy is that they don’t have all the saturated fat and cholesterol that comes from meat. While most Americans get about 36% of their total calories from fat, vegetarians get less, usually between 30% and 34%. And most of the fat they get is the healthier polyunsaturated and monounsaturated type – and not the dangerous saturated fat that comes from animal foods.

In one study, researchers put 500 people on a vegetarian diet. After twelve days, cholesterol levels had dropped an average of 11%.

Besides the fact that vegetarian meals don’t contain saturated fat which makes vegetarian meals so healthy, they also contain “good” fats. According to studies, both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which are found in olive oil, canola oil, nuts, seeds, and many other plant foods, can lower the level of cholesterol when they’re used to replace saturated fat in the diet.

And the omega-3 fatty acids found in some plant foods, such as walnuts and flaxseed, can further protect against heart disease by helping to keep artery walls flexible and supporting the electrical “system” within the heart that regulates a healthy heartbeat.

Healing Power of Vegetarian Diets 9The Power of Plants

Doctors in the United States have been pleading with Americans for years to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, the same foods that vegetarians eat in abundance. Most plant foods are loaded with antioxidants, like beta-carotene and vitamin C and E. They are essential to protect you against diseases.

Also, plant foods contain an abundance of phytonutrients, which are natural plant compounds that have been shown to lower the risk of cataracts, heart disease, and many other serious problems.

In another study, researchers found that people who got the most carotenoids, the plant pigment that is found in dark green and deep orange, yellow, and red fruits and vegetables, had half the risk of developing macular degeneration (the leading cause of irreversible vision loss in older adults) as people getting less.

Vegetarian diets cut the risk of breast, colon, ovarian, and prostate cancer in several studies. The magic ingredients include several cancer-fighting phytochemicals. The naturally lower levels of saturated fat in most vegetarian diets (except those that rely heavily on cheese) avoid a problem that is connected with meat-rich diets: High-saturated fat diets seem to promote the production of a form of estrogen called estradiol, which is linked to breast cancer.

A study showed that women who ate the most animal fats had a one-third higher risk of breast cancer than those who ate the least.

Another study found that vegetarians have higher levels of “natural killer cells” – special white blood cells that attack cancer cells – in their bloodstreams.

Healing Power of Vegetarian Diets 11But even if you took all the nutrients out of plant foods, the vegetarian diet would still have an edge, because of all the dietary fiber it contains. The average American gets only 12-15 grams of fiber per day, while vegetarians are getting as much as three times that amount.

It is almost impossible to exaggerate the importance of getting enough dietary fiber. because it isn’t absorbed by the body, fiber passes through the digestive tract, adding bulk to stools and helping them to move more quickly. This does more than prevent constipation. The more quickly stools and any harmful substances they contain move through the colon, the less likely they are to do cellular damage that could lead to cancer. Washing is essential.

Also, one type of fiber called soluble fiber forms a gel in the intestine that helps to prevent fat and cholesterol from passing through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. In a study of more than 43,000 men, for example, researchers found that those who added just 10 grams of fiber a day to their diets – about 25% of the amount vegetarians get each day – decreased their risk of heart disease by almost 30%.

Vegetarian diets also guard against other health issues, like kidney stones, gallstones, and asthma. Because high-protein diets with much meat prompt your body to excrete more calcium, oxalate, and uric acid – which are the main building blocks of kidney stones. Diets with a lot of meat increase the chance of getting gallstones in women and could threaten bone density by promoting the excretion of calcium.

In a Swedish study of 24 women and men, vegetable-based meals cut the frequency and severity of asthma attacks.

Balance is the Key

A vegetarian diet can provide all the nutrients your body needs, including protein. This is even true for strict vegetarians, who may avoid eggs, milk, and other animal foods altogether. The proteins in meat are complete, which means they contain all the amino acids your body needs.

Healing Power of Vegetarian Diet 4The proteins in legumes and grains, however, may be low in one or more of the amino acids, but because legumes and grains contain some amino acids, eating a variety of these foods throughout the day will provide the proper balance.

However, vegetarians have the risk of vitamin B12 deficiency, which the body needs to make red blood cells. It’s only found in animal foods. People who don’t get enough vitamin B12 feel weak and tired.

You can get plenty of vitamin B12 by eating foods that are fortified with this nutrient, such as fortified cereals, or/and you can take B12 supplements.

Sugar spikes your insulin.

Harnessing Mental Endurance

Mental Toughness

Through the years I have had the chance to coach many professionals and one thing I can tell you without reservation is the ideal players were all mentally tough. It’s a tough concept to describe until you see it, but it’s apparent when you see a player which has it.Mental Toughness 13

To explain my point, not every one of the best athletes gets it. Not, every big-league player is mentally tough and many never reach the large leagues which have great mental toughness. It’s not about ability, I’ve coached many great athletes that didn’t possess a clue about being mentally tough and would fold under pressure. They might work well when there was nothing at risk, however, when this game is at balance, or even the competition was tough, they often failed.

However, I’ve witnessed many players with average skills, but mentally tough, perform in such a way nobody thought they might perform. A clutch hit, a vital bunt, and an excellent defensive play that stopped a rally, mentally tough players complete the job. Actually, the higher the pressure, the greater they perform.

Something I’ve arrived at and understood with experience is the fact that mental toughness will not be an inborn DNA trait, but instead one which is developed with time and contact with adverse conditions. Preparation for mental toughness starts with experiences at an early age. Parents can enjoy a vital role to start the entire process of training mental toughness, however, they need assistance as you go along.

A disciplined educational system with higher expectations and good classroom rules, together with tough, but fair coaches (or mentors in alternative activities) having a positive mindset, is important to creating a child mentally, whether or not they are a sports athlete usually are not.


Mental Toughness 000

This is among the lot of reasons why all children need to engage in balanced organized extracurricular activities at an early age: Karate, gymnastics, ballet, music, scouts, children, and youth activities at church or youth sports will play a role in starting to instill the discipline and structure that is required to build up mentally.

Notice I said start to play a role. It requires some time and preparation.

Growth and development of mental toughness (and leadership skills) are other reasons why athletes have to be involved with an effective training course when they may be 14 or fifteen years old.

A training course not just helps you to build power, strength, and agility, but is essential in developing mentally. Players ought to be accountable to some mentor (trainer, coach, etc.) along with the camaraderie and pressure of the small peer group, even when it’s only a couple of others.

In case a player is involved with a training course sooner than 14 or 15, it ought to be with regards to agility and speed training, together with teaching the correct approaches to strength conditioning without weights. Before any training course begins, please talk to your child’s physician throughout their annual physical, as the creation of each child is different.

Defining Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness-10

Mental toughness is having the psychological advantage that enables someone to perform at peak maximum effort and efficiency throughout the demands which are put on them during training, practice, or competition. Specifically, once the demands are greatest or even the conditions become adverse.

Whenever the requirements would be the greatest occurs when the characteristics of mental toughness would be the best shown.

A few of the many characteristics which are evident whenever a player is a mentally tough include:

– Self-confidence

– Self-motivation

– Focus

– Concentration

– Composure

– Calmness

– Poise

– Self-control

– Positive Energy

– Determination

– Persistence

– Leadership

Please be aware, this doesn’t imply that the result is a win, oftentimes these attributes can display the most throughout a loss, especially a detailed loss to some tough opponent or during adverse conditions. But with time along with careful training, the mental toughness of skilled players concerns to light in championships won.

Developing Mental Toughness

To be mentally tough you must practice attributes that lead to mental toughness. If only there have been an equation to adhere to, however, there is not. It requires some perseverance underneath the right leadership to build up mental toughness. Parents, educators, coaches, as well as other mentors, should be systematically active in the training process.

Few athletes require the amount of mental toughness, brute strength, and physical prowess that boxers take into the ring for every fight. Boxing is an extremely tough sport on every level, but it can also be one of the most rewarding.

While taking a beating on the canvas is a challenge best left to the pros, the average person can enjoy tons of health benefits from some time in the ring without the repeated right hooks to the face. Let’s look at four reasons why boxing gyms should replace your regular gym in the quest to improve your health, strength, and mental fortitude.

Mental Toughness 6

Your time in the world is just as mental as it is physical. This sport forces you to push yourself through fatigue, endure pain, and dish out a few solid hits along the way. By pushing you past your limits and giving you valuable self-defense techniques, fighting can bolster your confidence in daily life. Succeeding in the ring requires courage, Zen-like concentration, and self-esteem.

Sparring with a trainer or partner at the gym allows you to summon these key mental qualities in a fight scene. Once you’ve learned to exercise these traits in the ring, they’ll become more available to you during the trials of day-to-day living.

If you’re looking for a new style of exercise that will shape you up mentally and physically, it may be time to abandon the treadmills and free weights to step inside the ring. Seek out local boxing gyms that offer the services, equipment, and training programs you need to start floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.

Also, it requires failure and the opportunity to recover. Lots of people develop mental toughness with the experience of failure. Good parents usually do not want their kids to fail and I also realize that. These days, way too many blame others for your failure.

Athletes face a lot of challenges in their careers, whether it is new opponents or their private limitations. Developing mental training, however, can make it easier so they can discover the following:

Rugby-Mental Toughness

Better self-esteem – Performance anxiety management – Emotional control – Positive thinking – Better focus – Better self-assurance – The capability to manage challenges and obstacles better.


  1. Goal setting

Setting goals gives a sports athlete something to appear to and help. It can be what leads the mental training skill further down their list known as motivation. It also encourages positive thinking, increased energy, better self-esteem along with growth just as one athlete and person.

  1. Focus & Concentration

What this means is keeping the mind in the present. Everybody is allowed the rare wandering thought, however, when looking at competitive moments it could change everything. It can cause hesitation or distraction. Instead, discover ways to keep the mind inside the moment and so on thoughts products you plan to complete next instead of the mistakes that have already happened and should not be changed.

  1. Imagery & Visualization

Imagery requires over to be able to place a picture in your thoughts. It’s about re-creating moments or pulling on memories to create a new and vivid scenario in your head. This requires that you be much better aware of your surroundings, yourself and just what you happen to be capable of doing. In the long run, it could improve your skill, success, and assurance when under pressure and enable you better overcome your emotions and reactions.

  1. Relaxation & Stress Management

Relaxation could be the opposite of stress as well as for those moments when you don’t have time to relax, obtaining a strategy to manage your stress threshold and concentrate that energy elsewhere is going to help in the long run. Your ultimate challenge with stress is muscle tension and the way it might clutter your head. Learn how to focus the mind, banish fear with full confidence and relax tensed muscles with the right techniques.

  1. Self-Confidence

There’s a lot to get said regarding the success of the confident athlete. If you are that certain of your abilities, there is no room for doubt. Instead, you’ve got a stronger wish to succeed and to strive further along with your goals and it changes the way you think, focus, and react. Confidence-building exercises are usually a great source along with other great skills.

  1. Motivation

An athlete’s success will depend on his degree of motivation from both an inner desire in addition to outside factors. Finding out how to take your desires and set these phones use to inspire you might help enhance a player’s performance and overall motivation.

  1. Self-talk & Positive Thinking

Your thoughts have a strong relation to the way we perform physically. A sports athlete who thinks negatively or nit-picks their mistakes and flaws internally isn’t any good at competing. Some could imagine that pointing out the negative is a superb motivator, however, exercising positive thought can better motivate improvement and success.

  1. Flow in Sport

What this means is something beyond concentration while focusing. It must employ immersing yourself inside the moment and from the sport itself. This is simply not some abstract and fantastical notion. Instead, flow in sports is a situation that wants the mind and body to be in sync to try and do the most beneficial and effortless performance. Learning these kinds of flow by learning how to control your mind can cause incredible performance.

­­­­­Mental Toughness 4

Parents are quick to blame the teacher for problems in class or perhaps a coach once the child will not be excelling in an activity. Mental toughness is unable to be developed properly when blaming others. The contrary is the situation.





How to Stop Puppy Barking: A Guide to Successful…

Stop Puppy Barking

Puppy Barking/Successful Dog Training. Before we train your puppy to avoid barking, we need to consider the explanations of why your pup barks to begin with.

The age-old question is, why do Puppies bark?

Stop-Puppy-BarkingSome puppies decide to bark as they are after attention and the only method they could get noticed is via barking. The greater you take notice of the barking the greater you might be reinforcing the issue and behavior.

Puppies learned ways to get their mom’s attention once they were within the litter plus, they have discovered the fastest method of getting your attention is through excessive vocalization.

This behavior will not be natural to some puppies or dogs whatsoever which is learned behavior, the reason behind this is when they made lots of noise within the wild chances are they might have gotten negative attention from their wild animals.

One more reason behind excessive vocalization is the result of why dogs and puppies were first adopted as pets. Humans decided to obtain a pet (a long time ago) so they might have a person to guard the home as the owners were out – and a method to guard the home and also to scare off possible intruders was to get a dog that barked or made allot of noise.

One more reason why dogs and puppies bark is boredom, separation anxiety, and frustration. Simply by making a lot of noise your pooch is trying to be reunited along with you and also by creating a allot of noise your pooch is looking to get your attention (however far you may be) so you are reunited being a pack sooner. However, this occasional barking may progress to howling when it is permitted to continue for too much time.

Anxiety and fear may also cause excessive vocalization – this is used as a technique by your puppy to scare off something that they might perceive being a danger. High-pitched barking also makes your pup feel much better too.

Prevention and Cure

Whenever your dog or puppy is making all of that noise – a good thing that can be done would be to ignore him. In case your pooch is making a lot of noise for attention by acknowledging your puppy’s s behavior whether this is reprimanding him or coming whenever he will make a noise – you might be simply reinforcing that your pup wants your attention.

In case your dog or puppy whines as he is within the crate or playpen – don’t allow him to out or acknowledge him until he or she is quiet – so when he or she is quiet reinforce the behavior by allowing him or from the crate (don’t allow him to out until he or she is quiet)!

Never encourage your pet or puppy to bark – either by teasing him or some other method.

Start puppy socialization as soon as possible – the greater experiences that the puppy gets utilized the less frightened he is going to be as well as the not as likely he will bark.

Provide your pet or puppy with a lot of methods to be stimulated – this can stop your pup from becoming bored or frustrated; it’s also a great way for the pooch to convey himself non-verbally.

Reinforce good behavior – in case your puppy utilized to bark when cars went past and are also now quiet – reward him – start using these techniques whenever he or she is quiet around previous experiences as he might have barked.

Proper Dog TrainingFrequent exercise is an excellent method to use with dogs and puppies that bark – as excessive vocalization is extremely tiring and when your pooch is tired, he is going to be not as likely to bark.

In case your puppy is a guarding type; then don’t allow him to use places where he can see traffic passing, mail arriving, or people walking beyond the window.

Anyway, hopefully, you enjoyed our page regarding how to stop dog barking. The greater you utilize these techniques the greater your pooch will stay quiet, not as likely to bark, happy and anxiety free.

Successful Dog Training

Watching your children’s eyes illuminate whenever you bring a brand-new puppy house is truly a heartwarming experience. Your pet includes unconditional love and warm genuine friendship. If you’ve owned a pet dog before you are already aware that along with the delights of the new doggy;- it may also include frustration, unconditional messes, and genuine destruction. Do not worry, with some obedience training you can head off unwanted dog behavior.

5 Wonderful Benefits of Proper Dog Training

It builds a good relationship with both you and your dog and establishes you because of the pack leader. Enough time you may spend together cooperating, and researching one another, deepens your bond.

A properly trained dog is a welcome dog that can be taken almost anywhere and is also fantastic to become around when camping, hiking, as well as just taking a walk, as he will not be high-risk or perhaps a nuisance to others.

Stop-Puppy-Barking 6Proper dog training corrects undesirable dog behavior. Chewing your furniture, digging your flowers, barking at everyone who passes from your yard as well as bolting the door could be resolved with some concentration on obedience training.

Whenever you train your pet, it stimulates your dog’s intellect and allows him to make use of his brain; dogs are curious naturally and wish to find out about both world as well as the people around them. Dogs possess a deep need to please us, it’s instinctive, then when they could know what you want of this plus, they react to our commands; they think vital and needed, a powerful member of the pack.

It will save you money and time! Making the effort to teach your pet to behave properly in your house saves time cleaning messes and will save you money by lacking to change torn-up pillows, shoes, or any other valuable possessions.

There are lots of wonderful benefits to some properly trained dogs, a lot to completely list, but among my favorites is the companionship, using a dog that will protect our family when I’m not around. It had been best said by an unknown author: “He or she is your friend, your lover, your defender. You might be his life, his love, and his awesome leader.”

dog-training 2

The top proper dog training technique is the usage of Positive Reinforcement to teach your pet. This is just rewarding good behavior that you would like to find out repeated, and ignoring bad dog behavior.

This can be a direct contrast to some now outdated ways of obedience training which by today’s standards was cruel, (like using shock collars, hitting your pet with rolled-up newspapers, as well as rubbing your dog’s nose in poop.)

Your pet instinctively would like to make you happy and if you use positive reinforcement to teach your pet you will notice that your pet learns quicker as well as the instruction is remembered throughout your dog’s life. This is the best way to a properly trained dog.


5 superb pieces of advice to facilitate your pet training efforts

dog-trainingMake sure to use meaningful rewards. Most dogs become bored quickly and don’t respond with only a pat on the head or perhaps a good boy. To help keep your training to the highest standards use tempting incentives permanently dog behavior.

Mix in the rewards, don’t always provide the same treatment while training your pet. All dogs have different favorite treats; I’ve trained dogs that will practically rob a bank for any liver treat. Try to look for 2 or 3 special treats which you can use just whenever you train your pet.

Make use of the right timing whenever you reward your pet for obeying a command. Your ultimate goal would be to mark the required dog behavior by having a treat timed so your dog understands what behavior earned the treat.


Some dog trainers recommend a clicker while training to mark the actual moment your pet does everything you desire, then immediately provide the reward. This is effective but so does a higher-pitched “whoop,” or some other sound the dog can identify because of the reward sound.

Directions to become a good Canine Citizen: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Off, and No.

Be clear and consistent together with your commands. Decide your verbal clues before you begin your training and stay with them. Make sure that the whole family uses the same commands as well as your dog’s rate of obedience training is going to be higher and you’ll see quicker alternation in dog behavior.

Take time to learn proper dog training techniques – it can help to have it right the very first time out. If you’re a newcomer to obedience training or perhaps an experienced trainer; it’s smart big dividends to read through trusted sources to understand more about the advantages of training your pet.

You happen to be the best person to teach your pet! It’d be easy to teach a pet dog to accomplish just about anything. Beyond understanding basic dog behavior and obedience training, I’ve trained dogs to seal the doorway, dance, speak, play bang you’re dead, catch Frisbees, as well as other cute and impressive tricks. 

-special thanks to Gloria for all her insights!



The Superfood of the 21st Century: Avocados

Avocados  avocados-8

The well-known characteristics of fruit, which is light, low-calorie, and fat-free, do not apply to the avocado. An avocado contains a lot of calories, 360 or more. And it is also one of the few fruits with a measurable fat content, about 30 gr. each. That’s almost half the daily recommended amount for an adult.

If you have doubts about the fact that a food that contains so much fat could be good for you, ask a dietitian. He will tell you that adding some avocado to your diet, could improve your health.

Avocados have high folate and potassium content. They are also rich in fiber and monounsaturated fat, both are important for people who are concerned about diabetes and heart health.

A favorite part of a diabetes diet people with diabetes has always been told to eat more carbohydrates and cut back on fat. In general, that’s good advice, but it hasn’t to be the best advice for everyone.

guacamole-saladDoctors have discovered that when some people with diabetes eat a lot of carbohydrates, they tend to develop high levels of triglycerides, a type of blood fat that may contribute to heart disease. However, when people replace some of those carbohydrates with fat that’s found in avocados, the dangerous fats in the bloodstream tend to decline.

The monounsaturated fat in avocados is called Oleic acid. They have found that this type of monounsaturated fat control fat levels in the body and helps control diabetes.

Scientists in Mexico put sixteen women with diabetes on a relatively high-fat diet, with about 40% of calories coming from fat. Most of the fat comes from avocados. The result was a 20% drop in triglycerides. Women on a higher carbohydrate plan, by contrast, had only a 7% drop in triglycerides. Someone on a 2000-calorie-a-day diet might be advised to eat 33 grams of monounsaturated fat. You can get about 20 grams from just one avocado.

Lowering High Cholesterol Apart from people with diabetes, people with high cholesterol levels can also benefit from the oleic acid in avocados.

In Mexico, where guacamole is considered almost a food group, researchers compared the effects of two low-fat diets. The diets were the same, except that one included avocado. While both lowered levels of dangerous low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, the avocado diet raised levels of healthy high-density lipoprotein, (HDL) cholesterol, while slightly lowering triglycerides.



Avocados also help in another way to lower bad cholesterol. They contain large amounts of fiber, and fiber adds bulk to the stool, causing it with the cholesterol it contains, to be excreted from the body quicker. One avocado contains more fiber than a bran muffin 10 grams or 40% of the Daily Value for fiber.


Support the Heart Avocados are also a rich source of potassium. Half an avocado provides 548 mg of potassium. 16% of the DV for this mineral. That’s more than you’d get from a medium banana or a cup of orange juice. Studies prove that people with a potassium-rich diet, like avocados, have a significantly lower risk of high blood pressure and related diseases like heart attack and stroke.

In addition, some research has shown that oleic acid can reduce markers of inflammation in your body. Inflammation plays an important role in the development of artery-clogging atherosclerosis.

Rich in Folate Another benefit from avocado is that it’s rich in folate, a B vitamin that helps prevent the threatening birth defects of the brain & spine. Many women don’t get enough folate in their diets, but avocados can go a long way toward fixing that problem. One avocado contains 114 micrograms of folate, which is 28% of the recommended Daily Value, or nearly 20% of the 600 micro grams that pregnant women need daily.

Minerals for your Bones Avocado can help you to keep your bones healthy. A cup of mashed avocado contains 120 mg of phosphorus, which is 12% of the DV. This mineral is a major component for your bones and teeth, and having plenty of phosphorus on hand also helps your body produce energy from the foods you eat.

Zinc for Good Nutrition You’ll also find 147 mg of zinc swimming in the green depth in a cup of mashed avocado. That’s just under 10% of the DV. Zinc conducts countless activities in your body. The mineral helps keep your immune system working properly, for example, and plays a role in wound healing.

Zinc also aids in your senses of smell and taste, which are necessary to be able to enjoy the food you eat.

Shopping for Avocados If you live in the US, get your avocados from Florida or California. They provide all the nutrients without all the fat. They have about 2//3 of the calories and half the fat of Hass avocados. The best time to buy avocados is between November and March. They may have one-third of the fat of those picked in September or October.Avocado 32

Warning for Drug Users People who are taking warfarin should take care when eating avocados. Researchers in Israel found that eating between one-half and one avocado could make the drug work less efficiently. While the effects didn’t last long, when people stopped eating avocados, the drug started working better again – this could be dangerous for some people. So, if you’re taking warfarin, check with your doctor before adding avocados to your meals.

Help them ripen Like bananas, avocados ripen better off the tree, so they are picked and sold unripe. Once you get them home, leave them on the counter for several days until the fruit is slightly soft. Or if you’re in a hurry to eat them, place them in a paper bag with an apple or banana to soften them. Never place hard avocados in the refrigerator, then they will ripen too slowly.

Nourishing Your Kids with Healthy Foods

How to get kids to eat healthily

Get Your Babies to Eat Healthy Food

Patience, perseverance, and a small amount of creativity will greatly assist in making your children eat healthy food. It is not surprising that the children might be by far the most notorious picky eaters up to now. Children choose to eat unhealthy food options in the event you tolerate them. However, that shouldn’t continually be the situation.

Now is the ideal time for you to create a firm foundation for proper nutrition by teaching and encouraging these to eat healthy food for kids. Remember that healthy food for kids is made up of several food combinations from your four major recommended food groups. So long as you can strike an equilibrium with the recommended food groups – dairy, meat protein, fruits, vegetables, and grains – you’re ready. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Introduce New Food Flavors A Step at Any Given Time

Don’t let your children go into a food rut. Avoid serving them the same meal repeatedly. Begin by browsing or reading through recipe ideas from books, and magazines, as well as online. Gradually introduce new food flavors, pairings, and recipes every week in conjunction with their favorite food.

You can begin with greens. Dice new vegetables and incorporate all of them with their favorite food like pasta, soup, omelet, or casserole. Just be sure to combine it each week by introducing new methods to cook veggies using their favorite meals.

Involve Your Children in Cooking

The very next time you visit the supermarket, bring your children along and get them to choose their very own fruits and vegetables. In cooking healthy food for kids, invite them to assist you using the preparation. Nothing too much profile. You can make them wash the produce, stir the soup, as well as help to make fresh pasta in your own home.

This is a great method to help make your kids appreciate the enjoyable side of cooking and eating while teaching them basic cooking skills. Research indicates that kids are more inclined to consume the food they helped prepare.Get Your babies eating Healthy Food

Do Not Radically Eliminate Desserts or High-Fat Foods

How to get kids to eat healthily; the true secret to healthy food for kids, much like adults, is moderation. There is absolutely no have to completely ban frozen treats or fries from the kid’s diet. Should you, it can only make sure they want much more of these food types. What you should do is ensure they understand what’s negative and positive on their behalf.

There’s always an area for sugary desserts or oily foods once in a while. Help them learn the need for small portions of these types of foods, or even better find healthy alternatives that will still permit them to take pleasure in the same flavor without compromising the vitamins and minerals.

Use Your Imagination in Plating and Serving

Everyone knows how kids are enticed by anything visual especially colors. Apply that to food. Have just as many color variations as possible when serving them the meals they eat. You may also go so far as to create art pieces using their fruits and vegetables. Invite these to join you for making by far the most visually appealing meals.

Vegetables and fruit happen to be colorful ingredients. You just need some creativity in plating and serving. Kids love dips. Why not produce a delicious, low-fat veggie dip which will entice these to eat their greens and fruits?

Do Not Bribe Your Children into Eating Their FruitsGet Your Kids to Eat Healthy Fruit

In contrast to popular belief, bribing kids to consume their fruits can perform more damage than good. Usually do not bargain together with your kids with rewards like using a full-on sugary dessert after consuming vegetables etc. This can only heighten negative food associations where fruits are requirements and desserts are enjoyable, delicious rewards.

Children often bring these negative associations along with them towards adulthood. Just get them to eat one bite. Usually do not quit. They might nothing like it immediately but that doesn’t mean they are likely to hate it forever.

Become A Role Type of Healthy Eating

This can be a critical part of teaching your children to consume healthily. Set a great example on their behalf now because they are probably to keep in mind their parent’s words, attitudes, and habits about healthy eating. Allow them to see the things they are missing. Healthy eating for children is super important!

Eat your fruits and vegetables, and tell them how delicious and nutritious it is. You can go overboard and make use of your acting skills if you would like. Kids are observant and keen on the elders around them. Be that fun-loving, healthy eater they would like to emulate because they get older.

And, when it’s time for bed…How to Calm a Child for Bed 

How you can calm a young child down for bed can require lots of patience, even for the best-experienced caregivers. From the evening hours, young children could be from sorts, whiny, tearful, and uncoordinated. Youngsters lack the opportunity to set limits on their own if they are exhausted and that is certainly where we as parents and caregivers are available in.

Calming before bedtimeHow you can calm a young child down begins with reducing the pace within your home and establishing a relaxing atmosphere that can help induce rest and sleep. Even the smallest of kids take advantage of choice making like which pajamas to put on or what stuffed animal to rest with.

Give children options to promote maturity, but at this particular age which period of the evening, keep it simplistic. Don’t forget to brush!  Get your kids to brush their teeth before bedtime

Do attempt to schedule an evening routine that the toddler can rely on. A routine helps create a level of comfort the kid can depend on and derive security from thus making relaxation easier. After dinner, an evening bath filled with bubbles and fanfare is how you can calm a young child down in a constructive way.

Tepid warm water features a soothing effect and can help settle down the central nervous system

Stay away from too much sugar throughout your day. It’s unhealthy and could help make your toddler hyperactive. How you can calm a young child down following a day of excessive sugar might be a futile effort. Excess juice and fruit snacks are typical causes of excessive sugar.

Bonding together with your child before bed could be loads of fun using the right DVD or video. Select a title that is soothing like Teletubbies or similar fare rather than long. Don’t attempt to place the kid before the television on their own to get other activities done. How to Calm a Child for Bed

How you can calm a young child down for bed could be answered to some extent simply by making yourself readily available for a great cuddle.

Do attempt to keep a calm demeanor and temperament yourself. Children learn by example. When they realize it’s dark outside, the bath continues to be taken, the DVD has been watched as well as your mood is quiet and loving, children will react by calming down.

Create the child’s bedroom in a loving environment. Put in a nightlight. Ensure the child has their favorite stuffed toy to rest with. Read a brief story or sing a quiet lullaby. A nurturing setting for bed sets the tone for sleep.

This author has enjoyed raising three children and has been witness to cranky, overwrought behavior. I hope these guidelines help and you could make putting your charge to sleep an exciting time.

Happy children become happy adults.

-Beautifully written by Gloria Phillips



The Secrets to Successful Dog Training

Best Dog Training we can do for our Dogs

Best Dog Training 2


We’re always told how important it is to teach our dogs, but precisely what is proper dog training, and the reason why it is essential anyway?

This list explains why it is vital we provide proper socialization and training to canine friends.

Please read these 5 undeniable explanations of why we owe it to the dogs to teach them:

Proper dog training helps you to build and strengthen a wholesome and productive relationship together with your dog.

Proper dog training opens the lines of communication between both you and your dog. A genuine type of two-way communication is established through positive non-violent proper dog training. Both you and your dog will become familiar with to have interacted with one another in a mutually respectful manner, according to cooperation and understanding.

A properly socialized and trained dog can become an excellent lifelong companion, workmate, and friend. An untrained dog can easily turn into a burden as well as an endless supply of frustration. Rather than using a lopsided relationship that your location is continually yelling at or reprimanding your untrained dog, why not set your pet as much as succeed by offering some leadership and clear guidelines for him/her to adhere to?

Best Dog Training 11An experienced dog is a highly regarded and trusted part of society that is welcomed almost anywhere. This needs to be an optimistic thing for the relationship, doesn’t it?

Training prevents many common “dog problems” from ever arising.

An entire selection of common dog behavior problems could be prevented through some obedience training. Dogs are creatures of habit why not utilize this to your benefit by helping your pet to build up good behavior habits from an earlier age? In case you are proactive and set up some simple guidelines and routines for the puppy to adhere to you might never need to deal with destructive behaviors like digging, chewing, excessive barking as well as separation anxiety. Don’t forget the poop bags!

Whenever a so-named behavior problem does arise both you and your trained dog is going to be well-equipped to operate through it. It is possible to communicate to your dog the behavior is unacceptable. You may also decide to get the dog to execute a different behavior instead of the current problem. A good example of this could be in case your dog was up surfing your countertops for food scraps you can get him/her to “visit your spot” instead.

The majority of “bad dogs” or dogs with behavior problems eventuate since the dog has never been taught any better. A pet dog will not chew your expensive shoes to obtain back to you or as he/she is evil. They do it just since you left the shoe lying around having a bored and stressed dog. Most likely in the event, you provided a tasty chew toy and did some chew toy training in that case your dog will be delighted to chew around the toy only.

An experienced dog is another pleasure to consider for any walk (no pulling!) and trips to your Vet or Dog Groomer are never an issue.


Vsezund Dog Training Collar

Best Dog Training 6

Training your pet is a necessary safety measure for you personally, your pet, and exactly what enters into connection with your pet.

Getting your dog under voice control in almost any situation is an extremely reassuring position to stay in – it might even save your dog’s life one day. In case your dog is going to bolt out onto an active road or get something dangerous it is great to immediately intervene and alter their behavior by having an obedience training command like “no”, “come” or “let it rest”.

A suitably socialized and trained dog is a much safer proposition around other dogs and animals. Proper dog training plays an important role in educating your pet on how you can act appropriately around yourself, your kids, and visitors to your house.

An experienced dog is confident, secure, and comfy together with his/her devoted family.

A properly trained dog appreciates the guidance, structure, and boundaries you provide through training. It’s much better than using a nervous, anxious, and confused dog that is continually being yelled at for things he/she doesn’t even understand. Training relieves a lot of the frustration and stress that exists between both you and your dog.

my best friendTraining creates proper household etiquette for the dog to adhere to. It addresses such issues as bolting the entryway, chewing, jumping on guests, and excessive barking.

Proper dog training offers a brilliant release or outlet for all your dog’s pent-up energy. This energy needs to emerge in one method or another why not channel it into something productive like obedience training?

An experienced dog’s life requires a far different way from those of an untrained dog.

Most dogs that wind up in animal shelters arrive there simply because they have a minimum of one behavior problem – a number of these problems can easily be controlled through some fundamental obedience training. Untrained dogs often turn into a pest and therefore are pushed further and additional from the family. This only compounds the current problems. Behaviors like jumping up, mouthing, and cheeky barking that you regarded as cute with your young puppy suddenly turn into a real problem because the dog grows up.



Whenever we bring a brand-new dog into our everyday life, we have been bringing another species right into a world that is completely foreign to them – our human world. We owe it to the dogs to assist them to squeeze into our lifestyle by clearly showing them what exactly is expected of them and what exactly is acceptable behavior – this is exactly what proper dog training provides.

So, there they may be, the five reasons I think every dog deserves a minimum of some fundamental training for everybody’s benefit.

Just for a second ignore all the benefits in the above list that obedience training provides. Could you still train your pet even when all the benefits listed failed to apply? I would personally because training your pet is among the real joys of having a dog, it is extremely fun. Time spent training your pet is time wisely spent – for many involved.

HKZOOI Dog Training Collar

 Hands down one of the best human training tools to better your dog


The Path to a Stronger Heart

Healthy Heart Secrets 


Healthy Heart, from the time when the fruits of fermentation were discovered, wine has been a welcome health guest. Not only at dinner tables but also at weddings, religious rituals, and even in doctors’ offices.

Not so long ago, however, scientists began to investigate the actual health benefits of drinking wine. And the findings they’ve uncorked are enough to make any wine lover raise his glass and say “Salut!”

When sipped in moderation, particularly red wine, can help lower cholesterol and prevent hardening of the arteries and heart disease. Also, studies discovered that it can kill the bacteria that cause food poisoning and travelers’ diarrhea.

Pegusas Marketplace and Physicians don’t recommend that people start guzzling wine rather than sipping it or that people who don’t drink should suddenly start. Rather, what the evidence suggests is that moderate drinking can be a helpful addition to a healthy diet.

For many years, scientists were amazed that their French allies indulged themselves in cigarettes, buttery croissants, and fatty pates – and were still 2 1/2 times less likely to develop heart disease than their supposedly healthier American counterparts.


Berberine Plus 1200mgResearchers are still investigating the so-called French paradox, but it appears likely that the French have healthier hearts, at least partly because they prefer red wine. These wines are rich in compounds that help lower cholesterol and prevent harmful low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol from sticking to the lining of artery walls – the process that leads to heart disease. Red wines also help blood platelets from sticking together and forming dangerous clots.






Healthy Heart-3Heart Protection keeps your pump primed in complex ways. There are several chemical compounds at work, and some of them have more than one benefit. As a start, the alcohol in red wine may be beneficial. People who drink small amounts of alcohol seem to have increased protection from heart disease, studies prove. Supplements help too!
According to research, the reason is that ethanol, or alcohol, in spirited drinks raises levels of good cholesterol, heart-protecting high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Beer and other alcoholic drinks have some benefits, but wine is the only one with health-promoting polyphenols.

The reason for its superior protection is that wine contains powerful flavonoids, like quercetin. Along with other potentially protective compounds, like resveratrol, it helps prevent the body’s dangerous (LDL) cholesterol from oxidizing. This, in turn, makes bad LDL cholesterol less likely to stick to artery walls.

Laboratory studies have shown that resveratrol slows down aging in mice, protects against weight gain, and boosts endurance by improving the functioning of mitochondria – which are tiny power plants inside every cell of your body.

“Flavonoids in red wine are more powerful than vitamin E, which everyone knows is an important antioxidant,” says John D Folts, Ph.D., professor of medicine and director of the coronary thrombosis Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin Medical School in Madison.

Keeping LDL cholesterol under control is a good start against heart disease, besides helping to prevent platelets in the blood from sticking together. A study led by professor Folts and his colleagues found that when reed wine was given to laboratory animals, it eliminated potentially dangerous clots, which can cause heart attacks and strokes. “Red wine performs double duty, giving you two important benefits at the same time,” says Dr. Folts.

red wineIt’s in the color When we talk about the healing power of wine for a healthy heart, we are referring to red wine. A laboratory study at the University of California, Davis, revealed that red wines could prevent from 46% to 100% of (LDL) cholesterol from oxidizing, while white wines were less protective. In addition, laboratory studies found that white wine misses the blood clot-blocking ability. 

The reason why red wine is so much superior to white has to do with winemaking. When vintners make wine, they throw everything in the vat – not just grapes but also the skins, seeds, and stems. They’re all mashed up to create a chunky mixture called must, and this contains healthy flavonoids.  

“The longer the must ferment in the alcohol, the more of these compounds release into the wine, according to Dr. Folts. With white wine, the must is taken out early so that the wine never darkens. With red wine, the must is kept for a long time, and the wine picks up a lot of flavonoids.”

UC Davis researchers have found that some red wines are also rich in saponins, which lower heart disease risk by binding to cholesterol and preventing their absorption. Saponins may also cool body-wide inflammation, which could also lower the risk of heart disease and cancer.

blood clot-blocking ability

Red wines contain 3 to 10 times more saponins than whites. The richest source is red Zinfandel, followed by Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The two white varieties, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay contain less. The saponin may come from the waxy grape skins and seems to dissolve into the wine during fermentation. Wines with the highest alcohol content also have the most saponin. Wine may also maintain a healthy weight.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic followed drinking behavior and weight in 8,200 men ad women. They found that those who enjoyed one or two alcoholic beverages a day were 54% less likely to be obese than nondrinkers. Nondrinkers and ex-drinkers had twice as much chance of becoming obese. People who have a glass of wine or beer every day usually have it with their evening meal, and it could be that a drink replaces a later, high-calorie evening snack.

However, four or more glasses per day don’t make you super slim but give you a 50% more chance of becoming obese.


“Wine protects against infection,” said Scientists from Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu tested red wine, white wine, and bismuth and found that they subsalicylate against some of the meanest intestinal germs, including shigella, salmonella, and Escherichia coli, and that both red and white wines were more effective than drugs for wiping out harmful bacteria.

Headaches for some people with a tendency toward migraine headaches, even a small glass of wine can cause a lot of headaches. Red wine contains substances called amines, which cause blood vessels in the brain to constrict and then expand. For sensitive people, this can result in eye-popping headaches.

Although white wine contains fewer headache-producing amines than the red varieties, it doesn’t contain as many healing compounds. So, if headaches are a problem for you, you may want to ask your doctor if a nonalcoholic wine will allow you to enjoy the great taste without the pain. Resveratrol 500 mg is an age-defying formula to support your body’s youthful essence. 

Know your limit The most important tip for getting the maximum healthy heart benefits from your wine cellar is knowing when to put your glass down. The daily limit is one 5-ounce glass a day for women and two 5-ounce glasses for men. Experts agree, however, that if you are tempted to overindulge, or if you have a personal or family history of alcoholism, you’re better off skipping alcohol entirely.

Petite SyrahGo for the Gusto when you are scanning the shelves for the wine with the highest levels of heart-healthy compounds, go for the full-bodied, robust varieties. There is a close relationship between the level of tannin, the substance that makes wine dry, and the level of healing compounds in red wines.

Three of the most heart-healthy wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Syrah, and Merlot. 



To your health!



Get Creative in the Kitchen: Delicious Ways to Make…

Make Your Meals More Exciting

Here are 7 tips to help add some variety to your mealtimes.

Mix It Up The best way to keep your meals exciting is to use a variety of foods in your meals and introduce new ingredients whenever possible. This keeps your family from getting tired of the same food week after week. It’s also a healthier way to eat. Including a wide variety of foods in your diet is the best way to ensure that you get all the nutrients your body needs. Spend some time browsing the aisles at your supermarket and looking for new ingredients to try, or find ideas in downloadable cookbooks online or just purchase meals ready to eat!

Food-SpicesTry New Spices There’s no simpler way to give a dish a makeover than by adding a little spice to it. Add cayenne pepper or chili powder for a little heat, or spice up your meat with herbs like rosemary, basil, and mint. The possibilities are endless, and it can completely transform your old, boring dish into something completely new! To infuse the flavor of the spices into your food, marinate your meat or veggies for 12-24 hours beforehand in the refrigerator.

Variety of Colors One way to make your meals more interesting is by using foods of different colors at each meal. It will look more attractive on the plate, and your family will be more likely to clean their plates. If you serve multiple veggies or a salad, make sure to include some color variety there as well. A plate full of greens is not going to be appealing to most children.

textures-for-foodAdd Texture Just like you want to include foods of different colors in each meal, you should also try to include foods of different textures. If the main dish is a soup or stew, make sure to include something crunchy like fresh carrot sticks, crackers, or a garnish of nuts. Vary your texture from day to day as well – try not to serve soup for 2 or 3 days in a row, for example.

Grill It! A grill is a great way for infusing extra flavor into your foods, and it can help to add some variety during the summer months. The good news is you can cook just about anything on the grill, from veggies to main dishes to desserts. You can also use an indoor electric grill during colder weather–it won’t be quite the same as the “real thing,” but you can enjoy the smoky flavor of the grill all year long.

Kids-CookingLet Your Kids Help If you have kids who are picky eaters, one of the best ways to get them excited about their food is to let them help prepare it. Let them choose their favorite recipes (within reason!) and take part in the cooking process as much as they are able. Look for kid-friendly recipes in downloadable cookbooks online to get started. This is a great way to bond with your children and encourage them to eat new foods at the same time.






Characteristics of the Flavored Woods

Wood plays a very vital role in making your smoking food scrumptious. With electric or charcoal barbecue smokers, smoking food has become an easy task to do. Consider using these types of wood to enhance the flavor of your meats. Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, Oak, Pecan, Maple, and Alder are the flavors that enhance your food.


Is a slightly sweet and denser fruity smoke flavor that is best used with beef, poultry, game birds, and ham.







Cherry-woodCherry wood

This is a sweet fruity-smoke flavor that is good to go with all meats.






Is a pungent, smoky, bacon-like flavor and is the most common wood, best used with pork, and ribs.





mesquite-woodMesquite wood

Is a strong earthy flavor, best to go with most meats especially beef and most vegetables.





Oh, this heavy smoke flavor is best used with red meat, pork, fish, and heavy game.




Pecan-WoodPecan Wood

This is similar to the hickory flavor, best used with pork, and fish meat.





Maple-WoodMaple wood

Is a mildly smoky somewhat sweet flavor and is best used with meat, cheese, and vegetable.





A very delicate hint of sweetness that is best used with fish, pork, poultry, and light-meat game birds.





Black-WalnutBlack Walnut 

This heavy smoke flavor is usually mixed with lighter woods like pecan and apple flavor, best to use with red meat and game. This process doesn’t cook your food but gives it food smoky flavor.





Here’s how to solve the eggshell sticker…

Make Your Meals More Exciting


Oh yea, here is something that has perplexed me for a while. It’s one of the annoying things about eating eggs that are cooked by boiling is attempting to unpeel them. I have never fully understood exactly why some eggs you’ll be able to peel so effortlessly yet others you wind up sacrificing half an egg from the peeling method. Therefore, here are several tips that might help ease some of that aggravation.

  1. Use older eggs. Eggs that are a couple of weeks older or longer typically will peel a little easier in contrast to if they’re fresh.
  2. Put the egg in the water at the boiling point. That egg white is going to bond more firmly to the membrane layer inside the eggshell if the eggs are cooked less quickly. Introducing a cold egg into the boiling water stops this from occurring.
  3. Following that first temperature shock, shut the heat down. This will enable the eggs to cook at a reduced rate, which will allow the yolks to cook before the egg whites turn out to be overcooked, and thus rubbery.
  4. Before peeling refrigerate to chill your eggs. When the egg is colder its structure will be firmer, and as the egg shell is removed craters probably will not be made in the egg whites. Holding it in the fridge overnight before peeling ought to also help.
  5. Crack your eggshell throughout and peel under running water. Slowly breaking up a shell into smaller portions prevents more eggs to attach themselves to the white exterior. The cold running water helps to keep the surface of the egg firm. Having an egg organizer helps keep your eggs sorted by dates.
  6. Eggs are good cholesterol and help with testosterone, all with the beautiful protein. I eat four eggs everyday and feel good.

These would be only some techniques to help to keep your boiled egg unaltered when peeling. I have found they will work in basically all cases, nevertheless for some reason often there are eggs which will always be difficult. This however should not stop us from making eggs a staple in our diet.



Property Investment Strategies for Beginners

Property InvestmentProperty Investment

Have you considered real estate investing? If so, now is the right time. More and more people are leaping and investing in the rental market today as a way to supplement their income, or as a business venture in its own right. There are several things to consider, as with any large investment, but it can be a really good way to make significant returns.

Property Investment locations are one of many things to consider when renting out a single home, or when undertaking large-scale property management. My city Atlanta, for example, offers a lot to potential investors because of its continued popularity with renters. Although, even if you have already picked out the perfect location, it’s important to know the pros and the cons before deciding if it’s the right move for you.

When deciding where to invest in a property many variables need careful consideration. Atlanta, Georgia is an up-and-coming investment hub, and given that property management in Metro Atlanta is well supported with excellent services, it is a location worth investigating.

The job market is healthy and growing even in this economic time. Between March 2021 and the same month, a year later, the city added 22,900 private sector jobs, demonstrating a growth rate of 5.3%. Metro Atlanta Regional Economic Development places it as the top metro area for economic growth and strategic investment in tech innovation.

It is also worth noting that this city has a bustling international airport, 19 colleges, and universities. It has also been rated as one of the top 100 places in the USA for business and careers.

Property Investment 3Pros of Investing

Tax Benefits

You may well be able to reduce your tax burden as a result of deductions you can make from your real estate investment. Fees that you pay towards property management, maintenance, and insurance can often be deducted leaving you with a smaller tax bill.


With a little luck, it’s not uncommon to find that your home will appreciate significantly over time. This can be even more effective at generating profit if you’re able to carry out repairs and maintenance that bring the property to a higher standard. To find out about great areas that are undervalued you can turn to a company that does property Investment. Atlanta, Georgia is just one example of an area that insider knowledge can help with when it comes to appreciation.

Regular Income

Maybe it goes without saying, but the single biggest pro of investing in the rental market is the fact you’ll have regular, recurring income. Not only that, but rental market fluctuations mean that sometimes your rental value will increase year on year without any material changes being made to the building.

Cons of Investing

Lots of Cash Upfront

To get the most out of the market, you’ll likely need more cash upfront than you would for other types of investments. A quarter of the value of the property is a good amount to aim for when it comes to an investor’s down payment.

Time Intensive

Your time is every bit as valuable as the property you’ll be purchasing, so it’s good to be aware that investing in the rental market can be very time intensive. A handy way around this is to engage a property management company to handle the laborious aspects of the process.

Unpredictable Tenants

Ultimately, your tenants are the source of your income, so you wouldn’t want to lease your building to anybody who won’t take care of it, or who would delay or miss rental payments. There are checks that you can do to help with this aspect but, again, it’s good to have some professionals there to take care of tenant relationships where possible.

Property Investment2Professional Property Management

There are a lot of things to think about when deciding to invest in the rental market, and although there is every chance you’ll make a good return on your investment, having people to help you is always a good thing. For that reason, it’s important to engage a company that can help you with every aspect of property management. Big and small cities will always have eager renters, but having expert property managers can ensure that you experience as few hiccups as possible.

What Do They Do?

The management company is not just there to collect rental payments; they can also provide an excellent bespoke service to take care of things like:

  • Sourcing tenants for your property
  • Organizing maintenance and repairs
  • Managing bills and payments
  • Inspecting the property
  • Making sure the building is compliant with legal requirements

This is a simple but effective rule: always do your research before reaching out. Even if you’re short on time, a quick 30-minute internet scroll can reveal a wealth of information about a service provider. Be sure to check out customer reviews for honest opinions that can help point you in the right direction. It’s also worth checking out the larger directories for a more comprehensive list of companies in your area. From here you can begin to compare a few companies that you like the look of.

Don’t take anything for granted, that every company will have all the necessary credentials (you’ll be surprised how silver-tongued some firms can be!) Make sure that your agent is fully licensed; this is a promise of protection and will ensure that everything is managed professionally and appropriately within the legal requirements.

Why It’s So Important

Your time is important, and so is your property. That’s why engaging a management company ensures that you get the most out of your investment without having to operate as an on-the-ground landlord, which can be time-consuming and fraught with difficulty. Whether you need new tenants ASAP, or your current lease needs updating, you’ll be glad you hired a company to handle rental management. Here in Atlanta, GA it’s a competitive and exciting rental market right now, so if you’re thinking of investing, then the organizational know-how of trained professionals can give you the edge.

The cost of living here in Atlanta is higher than the average but there are more options for outdoor activities compared to neighboring cities. The average commute time here is 21-60 minutes, compared with hours in other places, and the climate is desirable – which is a plus when you have more time on your hands.

Summary of cost of living in Atlanta, GA, USA:

Family of four estimated monthly costs is $3,701.49 without rent.

A single person’s estimated monthly costs are $1,045.74 without rent.

Atlanta is 27.36% less expensive than New York

Rent in Atlanta is, on average, 52.35% lower than in New York.





Live Your Best Life

Change Your LifeChange Your Life

Two years ago, when I was on vacation in Morocco, I was sitting in a local coffee shop by the beachfront Marina with my family, I started to think about what was the BIG change that made me successful in my own online business.

After some thought, I came up with 4 principles that I thought were the main kickstarter for me…

Maybe only those with a certain mindset will be able to truly see it. Change your life and feel completely better!  This is just one of several ways lucky people create their fortunes.

To put these simple principles into action, here are four tips, (if you like) for creating more luck Expect Good Things to Happen. This is so powerful and rewires your brain. It programs you to find good things. In many cases, those good things were already there, just waiting to be discovered. But mental programming is strong. It makes us overlook “treasures” that are right in front of our noses.

The brain has to process a ton of input every day — and not everything we see makes its way to our conscious mind.

Fortunately, by focusing your conscious attention on the good rather than the bad, you can “train” your mind to find things that contribute positively to your life.

This becomes a great habit to have in your locker. How to change your life completely;  Because there are things you may have otherwise overlooked. Follow the steps to change.

Ok, what’s holding you up? Are you dealing with a state of unhappiness that is not usually influenced by circumstances or certain events as most people tend to believe, but it is rather influenced by your way of thinking, gaining a more positive mindset can be the solution you needed to change your life around.

Only you can change your life; certain aspects might be preventing you from truly experiencing the beauty of life and the beauty that lies within you. How to change your life for the better; there are a few amazing solutions that you can seek, to acquire the happiness and inner peace you have always desired to have, one example is slowing the aging process

Your journey toward happiness often lies in your self-esteem, and if there is anything that can affect that negatively is your lack of confidence in your physical appearance. If you have been dealing with self-esteem issues due to being overweight, then doing something about it will be necessary.

Making a change in your life to lose weight and achieving a better body image will not be possible if you do not change your perspective on the weight loss process, improve your lifestyle, and focus on the long-term results. If you need advice on how to lose weight, resorting to a specialist for counseling might be the answer you needed.

When you are talking about aging, you should not think about the physical implications that the passing of time has, but the mental ones. The moment you no longer feel young and full of life is the moment you start to age. It does not matter if you are 19 years old or 55, as long as you know how to change your mindset and know how to keep yourself motivated, feeling the way you did in your 20s will be possible.

You can become that joyful, active, adventurous, and passionate spirit you used to be by overcoming certain limits you have created for yourself.

Because in theory it might seem easy to obtain that life change you desire, but in reality, things can be quite difficult if you do not adopt the right mindset-changing methods, resorting to a specialist for advice will be more than beneficial. Just by searching on the internet, you will be able to find someone who can provide you with incredible solutions to any problems you might be dealing with, starting with apathy and tiredness and up to weight or confidence problems.

Discussing with someone who is experienced and knows the right ways of change your life someone’s negative way of thinking, will offer you guidance and as long as you believe making this change is possible, they will push you towards a more fulfilling and happy life. You can find such an expert even by searching online.

Let’s take the first step towards a positive change in your life that lies within your mindset. There are ways in which you can become more positive, in terms of how you view life, so pursuing a few effective methods or increasing positivity can truly help you turn your life around for the better.

  • Be Grateful

Change Your LifeWhen you start looking for things to be thankful for, you’re likely to find more and more reasons to feel grateful.

And really, gratitude is just another word for feeling lucky.

In my experience, gratitude leads to more energy and motivation. As such, it’s much easier to create positive life changes when you have a firm foundation of gratitude.

A daily gratitude journal (which can be as simple as writing down one thing you’re grateful for) is a great place to start.

There are a lot of people today that receive spiritual counseling. They are getting help navigating the world around them, and they are making progress slowly. There are a lot of great things that come with this. If you are struggling with your life, and aren’t sure where to turn, consider the beauty of counseling, and how it can help you change things for the better. Finding guidance is a lot easier than you may think. At first glance, this may seem a bit much, but honestly, it’s something that is going to prove amazing, if you find the right resource.

Finding A Counselor

Believe it or not, some counselors can be found through medical means. Some insurance plans even cover counseling and mental health visits. You’re going to find that these visits can help you have someone to talk to about your daily routine, life, and anything that is bothering you. While this may not be a “cure”, it can definitely shine a light on the issues that you may be facing. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh set of eyes to look at what you’re dealing with on a regular basis. You’ll find that this can help you in a lot of different ways, and finding a counselor can be made simple.

When in doubt, look online for the benefits that come with spiritual counseling. You’ll see that it’s more than just about raising your mood and evaluating your mindfulness. There’s a lot to consider here, and a lot of it can help you see life in a new manner. As long as you approach the spiritual awakening with some lifestyle change, you will no doubt benefit from what a spiritual counselor can offer. Even if you’ve never gone this route, test the waters once, and see why so many go this route overall. Finding help is not difficult, especially in these modern times.

  • Be Generous

What goes around comes around. You never know if someone you help may find their way to success, or how that favor might be unexpectedly returned to you

That doesn’t mean you should do nice things with the intent of someone owing you a favor, though. Instead, developing genuine relationships is key.

It also doesn’t mean you should overextend yourself, trying to help everyone to the point where you’re exhausted. and not making time for yourself Instead, it’s about finding balance.

That balance will look a little different for everyone, depending on your life and obligations.

But even when life is busy, you’re likely to find occasions now and again when you feel inspired and capable of giving someone else a helping hand.

  • Trying New Things

If what you’re currently doing hasn’t gotten you closer to where you want to be, then take a long look at yourself, isn’t it time to take 2023 by the horns? Change your life.

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Do something different.

I don’t know why people are constantly doing the same thing over, and over again, and expecting different results.

Several life coaches I know argue that by changing up your routine, you open yourself to new possibilities.

There are both emotional and practical factors at play here …the brain needs new challenges.

On the practical side, trying something new will introduce you to new people, places, and ideas. Any of these things could lead to an unexpected opportunity in your professional or personal life.

Change your life. On the emotional side, consider this: Often, we get stuck in our routines. Even if we think we’re open to change, it’s hard to get out of our comfort zone and change our habits. (And yes, I’ve been guilty of this myself in the past.)

Foods For Better Health

There are stories in everything: Big stories, little stories, and the most important stories are in health. Finding the right story is paramount to success in reaching your goal. Any of us never leave our comfort zone unless we’re forced to. We are known as creatures of habits and when we’re confronted with a major change in life our routine is interrupted and we’re plunged into the unknown. Gaining new experience, and new knowledge and positively changing the way of thinking is the beginning of something ‘new’. Health is no different; nothing will change unless you make it happen. Only in the last decade or so research has uncovered how we can take control of our health.

The message over recent times has been very clear: Some foods are good for us and some are not. Research and tests have found that extracts from natural and whole foods are more effective in healing and can sustain optimal health better than anything else.

Can food save our lives?

There are many testimonials and facts of people who survived aggressive cancers through changing diets and lifestyles. The name “lifestyle” can often be misleading and also be called industrialized or westernized world diet, which mainly consists of fried fatty foods, takeaway, fast foods, artificial flavors, sugar unhealthy snacks, soft drinks, and sodas loaded with artificial sugars. These are only some of the foods causing the most of bad health; at the same time, it answers that burning question: The right food can save our lives.

Being or become healthy we have to avoid processed, genetically modified enhanced junk some of which we are eating every day. As long as we keep buying it and perpetuate the conglomerates, in return they continue to give us more and all of this with no objections from our governments.

On the other hand, can we expect governments to take the initiative to warn people or even ban these substances from being used that are linked to many carcinogenic products endangering millions of people’s lives?

This is why we must gain knowledge, read and learn how to avoid the things that can hurt us and see through those commercials that try to brainwash us.

What we don’t know not only can hurt us, it can take years of our life.

Foods for better health

The power of natural foods hasn’t been realized for some decades, or maybe forgotten or just exchanged for the often better-tasting processed ones. Boosting your immune system with whole foods, vegetables and fruits is the only sustainable way to optimal health. The most powerful way to up our mineral and vitamin consumption is by making drinks fresh from plants every day, by either blending or juicing vegetables and fruits together. Green drinks make you feel energetic, improve your skin and appearance, and help to drop those kilos at the same time.

Have a salad and a few sticks of celery before your meal; these raw greens and other veggies will ensure that we are getting our enzyme intake. Enzymes help to digest food better and make us feel full faster since they contain lots of fiber. Any fermented vegetables and fruits are excellent and good for your gut health. Cultured cabbage like sauerkraut and other vegetables are easily made in your kitchen to your taste.

Or create a very powerful miracle drink: All you need is one potato, one carrot, and one apple to make the juice; you can add some lemon or lime for better taste, put them all through the juicer, and drink while it’s fresh an hour before your meal.


 Strengthens the immune system, is good for eyesight and red eyes eliminate pain and muscle ache, assists bowel movement, eliminates constipation, good for acne and skin problems, lessens menstrual pain, and assists hay fever sufferers. According to some feedback it has prevented cancer cells to grow, prevented kidney, liver, and pancreas disease, and as well can cure ulcers. It can lower blood pressure and prevent heart attacks. For best results drink it first thing in the morning one hour before breakfast and late afternoon and make it fresh every time.

This is low in cost and little time involved in making it and will be a great benefit to your health. All vegetables and fruits have different benefits for different health issues. The most powerful ones are found in the cabbage family which includes broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. These green leafy vegetables have the highest nutritional and protein value, also the most needed omega 3, and other fatty acids which are essential for our body.

By changing our routine, we mentally open up to positive changes and look at challenges from new angles.

Changing Your LifeTo start, this change can be as big or as small as you’d like.

For example, is it time to change your job?

Or is it time to start small, by taking a new route home from work, reading in the evening instead of watching the news, or signing up for that art class, what about that home business you’ve been considering?

If you’re not sure where to begin, I’d recommend a small change to your daily schedule (like a short morning walk) or picking up a new hobby just for fun.

Change Your Life 2

Hug someone today!


Get Your Finances in Order with Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation to Clean Up Your Finances

Debt ConsolidationA significant challenge that many people experience as they get older, especially those who are not the best at managing money, is the mounting debt that is against their name.

Perhaps you paid for private college or university, or you had to spend a lot of money on a car or other expenses. While you may have thought that taking out loans was responsible, as they were relatively low interest, you are now having to deal with the aftermath.

Between significant loans and regular credit card debt, you likely have a lot of monthly payments to get through. Below is a guide that explains how you can use debt consolidation loans as a way to get out of such a hole.

What is Debt Consolidation?

The concept of debt consolidation in the United States is that you are taking all the money that you owe, and combining them into a single, low-interest loan. People find this advantageous, especially if they have a lot of money to repay that could take them several years to get through.

If you were to make a list of all the money that you owe each month as a result of loans or credit card bills, you are looking at a significant percentage of your monthly income. People who are giving up 50 percent or greater of their income to debt will have a very hard time making ends meet, or saving any money.

Debt consolidation loans can come in handy during such situations. By engaging in debt consolidation in the US, you can lower the amount of money that you have to pay each month to a manageable level.

Extend Your Loans

Taking longer to pay back loans, on the surface, may not appear like the smartest way to get out of debt. The issue for a lot of people is that their monthly loans are not manageable anymore. You may have taken out two or three long-term loans, while putting money on your cards, thinking that you can handle the minimum payments.

The problem is that minimum payments can add up very quickly, and if you are only paying a modest sum on each loan, you are incurring a lot of interest charges. That puts pressure on you to quickly pay off your loans, which can eat into your monthly earnings.

Taking out a single loan that you can handle with your present earnings will make life a lot easier. Depending on your current job and credit history, you may be eligible for a debt consolidation loan that is lower interest, compared to many of the loans that you are repaying.

Rebuild Your Finances

Arranging your loans into a single, manageable payment is only the first step in getting your finances in order. Limiting how much you have to pay in loans each month will make your life easier, but does not solve the root cause of the problem.

What you must tackle is your spending, as it is overspending that likely got you into this problem. To find a solution, start by spending two months tracking every dollar you spend. Assess where you are spending the most money, and what expenditures you could eliminate without damaging your quality of life too much.Debt Consolidation3

Perhaps you are spending a lot of money when you go out on the weekends, or you love ordering take-out or delivery food. Such indulgences are great when you have a very high-paying job, but if you are struggling to save money, you may need to cut back on some luxuries to secure your long-term future.

Take Control of Your Life

Allowing debt to take over your life is not pleasant, and can have a significant impact on your personal and professional life. Not only will you find it difficult to focus at work, but your relationships with friends and family may be impacted by your constant stressing about debt.

Rather than letting the cycle of repaying various loans each month take over your life and consume your thoughts, debt consolidation offers an out. You still have to pay back the money you owe, but you can do so using a single, manageable loan.

Debt Consolidation2

You take the money from that loan, pay off all the loans and credit card debts you owe, and then start making monthly payments on the consolidation loan. Within a few years, you will be debt free. If you have made changes to your spending habits in the meantime, you will likely have significant savings by then as well.


The Incredible Health Benefits of Cabbage

According to Ancient Roman healers, breast cancer could be cured by rubbing on pastes made from cabbage. Not long ago, modern scientists would have considered this practice as Folklore, but now they are not so sure.

Jon Michnovicz, president of the Foundation for Preventive Oncology in New York City says: “Studies have shown that if you make cabbage into a paste and rub it on the backs of laboratory animals, you can prevent the development of Tumors.

But the best way to absorb the health properties of cabbage is to eat it, of course.

Cabbage can fight off breast, lung, and prostate cancer. It also contains a wealth of nutrients that can protect you against heart disease, birth defects, and digestive problems, and lowers the risk of cataracts. One study found that eating four servings of cruciferous vegetables, like cabbage, per week, reduced the risk of dying from any cause by 26 %.

 Healing Properties of Cabbage Cabbage, like other cruciferous vegetables, contains several compounds that can help prevent cancers, according to studies. Researchers reviewed almost 100- studies that showed the relationship between brassica vegetables, such as cabbage, and cancer. They found that in 70% of the studies cabbage consumption was related to a lower risk of Cancer.

Scientists found that there are two compounds in Cabbage that make it a cancer-preventing food. The first one, Indole-3-Carbinol, or I3C, is especially effective against breast cancer, according to research. The compound act as an Antiestrogen, which means that it removes harmful estrogens that have been linked to Breast Cancer. “There was no doubt that if we gave women pure I3C, it would work,” says Dr. Michnovicz. But for the average person, eating cabbage or another cruciferous vegetable, such as broccoli, would have the same effect.

The second compound in cabbage, named Sulforaphane, proved to protect against breast cancer, by inhibiting carcinogens and aiding in DNA repair. Women in Poland eat three times as much cabbage as women in the United States 30 lbs a year compared to 10 lbs in the US. Women in Poland also use to eat more raw cabbage, sauerkraut, and short-cooked cabbage as a side dish, instead of boiled or slow-cooked cabbage. Compounds in cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables are also protective against Lung Cancer. A study of Chinese women in Singapore, a city with a high level of air pollution, found that non-smokers who ate cruciferous vegetables reduced their risk of lung cancer by 30%.

Smokers who ate cruciferous vegetables reduced their risk of lung cancer by 69%.

savoy-cabbageCabbage also protects against Prostate Cancer. A study at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle found that men who ate three or more servings of cruciferous vegetables each week lowered their risk of prostate cancer by 44 percent. Cabbage is a cook’s best friend. It’s versatile, inexpensive, readily available, and easy to prepare. The only thing is the unpleasant smell. But there is a remedy against it. Next time you want to cook cabbage, add a Celery stalk or a whole English Walnut (in the shell) to the pot. This will neutralize the smell.

Or, cook the cabbage quicker, stir-frying it in a wok or skillet, rather than boiling it for a long time. To preserve the beneficial compounds in cabbage, experts recommend eating cabbage raw. If you must cook your cabbage, steam it lightly, (5 minutes or less), to retain the phytonutrients and maximize their availability. Don’t microwave cabbage, because it decreases the amount of Sulforaphane. Don’t boil cabbage either. In one study, 90 percent of the glycosylates were found in cooking water. 

Don’t buy halved or shredded cabbage, because it loses its Vitamin C content quickly when cut. When you get your cabbage home, place the whole head (in a plastic bag) in the fridge. To promote the production of the most glycosylates, slice or chop cabbage and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before cooking.

Antioxidant Protection. You have read about antioxidants in presiding articles, like Vitamin C and E and Beta-Carotene. They do an excellent job by protecting you and neutralizing free radicals, which damage healthy tissues throughout the body, causing heart disease, cancer, and other serious conditions. All cruciferous vegetables are loaded with these antioxidant compounds. Researchers found that a half-cup of red cabbage contains more antioxidants than a cup of Green Tea, which has long been considered to be a super antioxidant source.

bok-choyTwo cabbages, Bok choy, and Savoy are also excellent sources of Beta-Carotene, a nutrient that other cabbages don’t have in abundance. High blood levels of Beta-Carotene are related to fewer cases of heart attacks, certain types of cancer, and cataracts.

These cabbages are also excellent sources of vitamin C, which has proved to boost immunity, as well as reduce blood pressure and heart disease. A half-cup serving of raw Bok choy provides 16 milligrams of Vitamin C, 27% of the Daily Value (DV) for this Vitamin, while the same amount of raw Savoy Cabbage supplies 11 milligrams or 18 % of the DV. These same cabbages are also decent sources of B Vitamin Folate. Half-cup of either of those provides about 35 milligrams, or 9 % of the DV.

Your body needs Folate for normal tissue growth. Studies have proved that Folate also may protect against certain forms of Cancer, including Cervical, Colorectal, and Lung Cancers, Heart Disease, and Birth Defects.

Also, research shows that women are at high risk for Folate deficiency, especially if they take Birth Control pills.

-Adrian Joele

Winning the War on Our Money: A Psychological Battle

Our Money: Fighting a Psychological Battle

Fighting a Psychological BattleAcross the world, governments and populations alike are encountering the same challenges – namely, how to treat the coronavirus and prevent its spread.

But this is just the beginning. Certainly, in the here and now – in the immediate future – bringing the virus under control is the priority, and we salute the legions of scientists, medical personnel, and key workers who are making that happen every day. But what comes next? How do we deal with the economic depression that follows such a crisis? How do we avoid global recession? There is one thing we must do: We must not give in. We must not roll over and simply accept the worst case as inevitable.

And we won’t. This is not the way that we – as a species – do things. If the last few months have taught us anything, it is that the incredible resilience of humanity is still alive and well. Even in the face of such hardship, the flame of endeavor, compassion, of positivity, still burns brightly.

This is all well and good, but what does this mean in practice? How do we go about channeling this resilience into a set of practical solutions that will carry us, and our finances, forward?

Let’s take a look at this in a little more detail.

Fighting a Psychological Battle3Practical Solutions to Winning the Psychological Battle

We often hear the phrase “it’s all in your head,” as if a psychological problem is somehow less valid than a physical or external issue. In the 21st century, we are pushing back against this – not only recognizing that psychological issues need real consideration but also understanding that there are real steps we can take to overcome them. So, if you’ve found yourself hounded by money worries and anxiety as a result of this crisis, how do you overturn the negativity?

Develop a complete understanding of your situation

Much of the anxiety and worry we feel daily comes from uncertainty and a lack of knowledge. If we do not know what we are dealing with, we assume the worst. And, these negative feelings build and build until we are overwhelmed. Fight this tendency. Fight it with knowledge. Sit down and work out how the virus has affected your incomings. Then, work out what adjustments can be made so not only can you keep yourself moving forward, but you also can actively set yourself up for a thriving future.

This is not a one-off exercise. You need to get used to appraising your situation regularly, running the accounts, assessing the damage and the improvement, and arming yourself with the knowledge you need to gain the upper hand.

Begin to diversify

Don’t put all your eggs, as the adage goes, in one basket. There’s a reason why this has become so cliché – because it’s such great advice. If your income stream is too narrow or too restricted, you are putting yourself in danger. Even when times are good, you are only a hop, step, and jump away from a serious financial problem.

So, what’s the answer? Diversity. Don’t turn your back on your current revenue streams and business interests. Instead, seek to add to them. Think about how you can protect yourself with a more diverse portfolio of investments, and then consider how this diversity can drive your success.

Fighting a Psychological BattleBuild a positive attitude

Negativity will get us nowhere. Instead, it erodes our psychology and makes it difficult to gain perspective and understanding of our situation. Our minds become clouded by doubt and other such thoughts. But, by making small positive changes to our mindset, we can counteract this. Make these small incremental changes – by reframing setbacks as challenges and opportunities, for example, or by putting certain minor hardships in a broader context. Get used to doing this, and witness big changes in your psychology.

Be proactive

Change cannot happen by itself. Your aims and objectives won’t be achieved without effort and action. This does not mean mistaking movement for progress and rushing around like a headless chicken, though. Rather, it means outlining what you want to achieve in the long and short term, thinking about what you need to do to achieve this, and then putting one foot in front of the other until you get there.Fighting a Psychological Battle4

The coronavirus has made goal achievement a little more challenging than usual, so you may need to change your approach. But don’t be discouraged.

Seek assistance

There is help out there, so make sure you get the help you need. This may come from talking to friends and co-workers, or from engaging with webinars, video media, or insightful articles. The truth is, there is no single “correct” way to educate ourselves and grow our emotional and psychological resilience. We are all in this together, so let’s help one another. Let’s accept the help that we need to win the psychological battle, and come through this crisis stronger than ever.

-David Love

Seafood: The Key to a Longer Life

Live longer eating Seafood

Live longer on seafood 2It’s no strange coincidence that many of the fish-eating populations located within the Arctic regions of the world have experienced fewer occurrences of heart disease.

This is primarily because seafood their main dietary food which is highly recognized for its high concentration in omega-3 fatty acids is widely renowned for not only lowering the cholesterol levels of the blood within the body but additionally for protecting the heart from diseases.

Research into the benefits of seafood discovered that individuals who consumed an extra portion of fish each week were found to lower their risk of heart disease by more than fifty percent.

Consuming fish reduced the risk of thrombosis (clotting of the blood) by improving blood circulation through the omega-3 oils which reduces the need for the body to produce the hormone-like substance eicosanoids which have been primarily responsible for inflammation and blood clotting occurring within the body.

Individuals who include seafood as a regular dish whether by dining out or via seafood delivery service as a balanced diet were generally shown to experience significant relief in their rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, a severe medical condition resulting in the inflammation of the joints within the body resulting in severe and often unbearable pain.

Alaska Smokehouse Jumbo Smoked SalmonThe link between the omega-3 fatty acids found within the seafood and its ability to relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis has been confirmed through medical research resulting in a strong medical recommendation that eating more seafood will prevent the occurrence of this and other health-related diseases.

Live longer on seafoodSeafood has been globally renowned for providing the human body with a vast number of nutrients including zinc, iodine, potassium, and selenium.

Selenium is renowned for its production of enzymes that serve in protecting the human body from cancer, and iodine which is a vital ingredient for the thyroid glands to reduce the risk of slow heart rate, dry skin, depression, weight gain, and several other illnesses.

Shellfish such as lobster, shrimps, and crabs and fish traditionally found in dishes such as Vermicelli Crab, Grilled Salmon, and Steamed Crab Lobster Assorted Platter also contain a form of vitamin-A known as retinol which is popularly recognized for improving vision at night. Individuals who suffer from age-related macular degeneration causing deterioration of the eyesight resulting in blurred vision often referred to as AMD when introduced to a regular diet consisting of such seafood cuisines were able to experience some levels of restoration of their sight.

This has led to a large majority of local health practitioners recommending including seafood as a healthy diet in keeping the eyes bright and healthy.

Seafood not only has been proven through medical research to relieve the symptoms of asthma in children but has shown remarkable signs in preventing the illness from occurring. Families who have customarily eaten large quantities of seafood were observed to possess stronger and healthier lungs with age when compared to those who were found to eat less seafood.

Live longer on seafood 3Depression today remains one of the most widespread illnesses globally affecting millions of men and women today.

In a recent study, it was confirmed that individuals who maintained a diet rich in seafood containing omega-3 oils experienced a lower rate of depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and post-natal depression.

Fish which has traditionally been a great source of protein is recognized for providing the human body with the essential ingredient collagen, a chemical substance widely known for keeping the human skin flexible and firm.

The skin additionally has been scientifically proven to be protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet damage by the omega-3 oils found in seafood. Many dermatologists and local physicians confirmed that by eating an increased amount of seafood, patients suffering from illnesses including psoriasis and eczema were provided with continuous relief from their symptoms once a regular seafood diet was maintained.

A seafood diet rich in omega-3 fish oils safeguards the individual from severe inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease additionally slowing the progression of inflammatory bowel disease suffered by many patients today.

Sea Best NY Strip Steak and Warm Water Lobster Surf

The human brain is composed of approximately sixty percent omega-3 fat. In a recent study, individuals who routinely ate a lot of seafood were found less likely to be affected by memory difficulty and dementia as they approached their senior years.

During the research, it was discovered that the omega-3 fat DHA found within seafood played a vital role in the development of reading skills, attentiveness, and behavior in children additionally improving instances of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).




Where can we get seafood delivery?

Live longer on seafood crabMany popular restaurants around the world have as a mandatory rule included a wide variety of seafood dishes within their menu and delivery service due to the exceptional taste and vast health benefits of the meal.

Restaurants such as the American-based California Pizza Kitchen, Seafood Fettuccine, Hard Rock Café, and Tony Roma’s Cajun Shrimp and Scallops.

Pasta is known for a wide and extravagant range of seafood cuisines such as Clams, shrimp in calamari rings, squid, and sweet and spicy soy sauce,

Tender scallops and shrimp cooked in lemon wine among several other exquisite dishes.

Chinese, Indian, Italian, Korean Lebanese, Vietnamese, and several other countries host several fine dining and takeout restaurants and are continuously finding new ways to include more and more favorite seafood cuisines within their menus for their customers. Enjoy steak and lobster today!


Exercise for Optimal Health

Healthy for Life 

If people would realize how many health benefits exercise can offer, there would be no hesitation in getting started with some form of exercise. older folks are harder to get motivated because they think the exercise will cause an injury. On the contrary, exercise will keep their overall fitness level and muscle strength in optimal form. It’s a matter of choosing the right form of exercise.

Swimming, walking, and gardening are very suitable for older people. Swimming has the advantage that their body weight will be partly supported by the water, which makes it possible to exercise without risking any bodily harm.

Walking is the best exercise you can have because it’s natural. Good long brisk walks give a lot of benefits- the whole body begins to respond. You breathe properly, your circulation and heart benefit, and it’s good for the mind and positive thinking.

fitness-running (2)Fitness gurus have recognized the supremacy of brisk walking. Contrary to jogging, brisk walking provides a lot of benefits without any problems. Walking is almost as important as the right food. You need to eat properly and exercise properly, the two together give you the best results. The internal organs of the body need tone and for this most of them depend almost entirely on physical activity.

Exercise produces big results whether we’re 40, 60, or 80. According to the Human Physiology Laboratory at Tufts University Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, we respond well to exercise at any age. Muscles grow, bones strengthen, and metabolism increases. Our body fat decreases while blood sugar and balance improve. I proved this to myself when I taught strength training at a retirement residence. modest effort, exercisers in their 80s grew stronger and more vital. We were all delighted. Reduced muscle strength is associated with age-related disability. The most common cause of muscle weakness is inactivity. After three months of high-intensity muscle training, healthy men over 60 experienced gains similar to those reported for younger men training with similar intensity and duration. Stronger people remained more independent and less burdened by advancing years. Any type of exercise helps, but combining aerobics, strength, and flexibility works best. For most people, aerobic exercise is an easy place to begin.

As we breathe deeply, the diaphragm – which separates the chest from the abdomen – rises and falls repeatedly, massaging all the internal organs, particularly the stomach, small intestine, bowel, lungs, and liver. The stretching and relaxing of the intestines are vital in preventing that widespread form of ‘self-poisoning’: constipation. Exercise does keep you regular!

In the mid-eighties, a vital clue to the right exercise for lifelong health was uncovered by brilliant research in biochemistry. Biochemists established that all cell replication in the immune system and therefore all immune strength is dependent on the availability of the amino acid glutamine. Your immune system uses a ton of it. But immune cells cannot make glutamine. Only muscle cells can do the job. So your muscles have to supply large amounts of glutamine to your immune system every day to maintain it. That’s it! The mitochondria of muscle are the furnaces in which most of your body fat and sugar are burned for fuel.

Muscle is what stresses your skeleton to maintain your bones. We also know that muscle is the vital link that also maintains your immunity and hence your resistance to all diseases. Muscle is the health engine. Which so much overwhelming evidence that muscular exercise is essential to health, what are we doing about it? A big fat zero.

Healthy for Life with Exercise3Muscle is the health engine. It’s a proven fact that the right exercise not only maintains your heart, your lungs, your muscles, your bones, a healthy level of body fat, and even your intestinal function but also some more subtle functions, like insulin and your body’s dealing with sugar. It has been known for more than fifty years that a lack of exercise leads to glucose intolerance.

However, not long ago research has shown that getting off the couch and starting moving, not only maintain insulin function to deal with the sugar but also can reverse decades of damage. Insulin-dependent diabetics, for example, using the right exercise program, can increase insulin efficiency so much that some patients, who have used insulin daily for years, no longer need it. In healthy people, the right exercise completely protects glucose tolerance against the degenerative changes in insulin metabolism that lead to adult-onset diabetes.

Healthy old men who maintain a lifelong exercise program, have the same healthy insulin efficiency as young men. A high-sugar diet, which progressively destroys insulin metabolism, makes it virtually mandatory to exercise if you want to avoid glucose intolerance as you grow older.

Most physicians believe that hardening of the arteries, a degenerative process, is inevitable. The National Institute on Aging Research Centre in Baltimore is showing in ongoing experiments, that regular exercise maintains arterial elasticity and even reverses arterial hardening that has already occurred. I could fill many pages citing numerous bodily functions which are maintained by regular exercise. But I will keep it short.

runners-for-fitnessResearch recently undertaken has revealed the major way in which exercise protects you against all diseases. It started with the evidence that exercise increases the overall number of white blood cells. Followed by more precise findings that moderate exercise increases bodily production of lymphocytes, interleukin 2, neutrophils, and other disease-fighting components of the immune system. There is no doubt that the right exercise strengthens your immunity. And it also strengthens your resistance to all forms of damage, decay, bacteria, viruses, toxins, and even radiation.


Closing with the wise words of Louis Pasteur, the father of modern medicine: “Host resistance is the key.”


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Wishing you a cheerful holiday season!


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