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Two years ago, when I was on vacation in Morocco, I was sitting in a local coffee shop by the beachfront Marina with my family, I started to think about what was the BIG change that made me successful in my own online business.

After some thought, I came up with 4 principles that I thought were the main kickstarter for me…

Maybe only those with a certain mindset will be able to truly see it. Change your life and feel completely better!  This is just one of several ways lucky people create their fortunes.

To put these simple principles into action, here are four tips, (if you like) for creating more luck Expect Good Things to Happen. This is so powerful and rewires your brain. It programs you to find good things. In many cases, those good things were already there, just waiting to be discovered. But mental programming is strong. It makes us overlook “treasures” that are right in front of our noses.

The brain has to process a ton of input every day — and not everything we see makes its way to our conscious mind.

Fortunately, by focusing your conscious attention on the good rather than the bad, you can “train” your mind to find things that contribute positively to your life.

This becomes a great habit to have in your locker. How to change your life completely;  Because there are things you may have otherwise overlooked. Follow the steps to change.

Ok, what’s holding you up? Are you dealing with a state of unhappiness that is not usually influenced by circumstances or certain events as most people tend to believe, but it is rather influenced by your way of thinking, gaining a more positive mindset can be the solution you needed to change your life around.

Only you can change your life; certain aspects might be preventing you from truly experiencing the beauty of life and the beauty that lies within you. How to change your life for the better; there are a few amazing solutions that you can seek, to acquire the happiness and inner peace you have always desired to have, one example is slowing the aging process

Your journey toward happiness often lies in your self-esteem, and if there is anything that can affect that negatively is your lack of confidence in your physical appearance. If you have been dealing with self-esteem issues due to being overweight, then doing something about it will be necessary.

Making a change in your life to lose weight and achieving a better body image will not be possible if you do not change your perspective on the weight loss process, improve your lifestyle, and focus on the long-term results. If you need advice on how to lose weight, resorting to a specialist for counseling might be the answer you needed.

When you are talking about aging, you should not think about the physical implications that the passing of time has, but the mental ones. The moment you no longer feel young and full of life is the moment you start to age. It does not matter if you are 19 years old or 55, as long as you know how to change your mindset and know how to keep yourself motivated, feeling the way you did in your 20s will be possible.

You can become that joyful, active, adventurous, and passionate spirit you used to be by overcoming certain limits you have created for yourself.

Because in theory it might seem easy to obtain that life change you desire, but in reality, things can be quite difficult if you do not adopt the right mindset-changing methods, resorting to a specialist for advice will be more than beneficial. Just by searching on the internet, you will be able to find someone who can provide you with incredible solutions to any problems you might be dealing with, starting with apathy and tiredness and up to weight or confidence problems.

Discussing with someone who is experienced and knows the right ways of change your life someone’s negative way of thinking, will offer you guidance and as long as you believe making this change is possible, they will push you towards a more fulfilling and happy life. You can find such an expert even by searching online.

Let’s take the first step towards a positive change in your life that lies within your mindset. There are ways in which you can become more positive, in terms of how you view life, so pursuing a few effective methods or increasing positivity can truly help you turn your life around for the better.

  • Be Grateful

Change Your LifeWhen you start looking for things to be thankful for, you’re likely to find more and more reasons to feel grateful.

And really, gratitude is just another word for feeling lucky.

In my experience, gratitude leads to more energy and motivation. As such, it’s much easier to create positive life changes when you have a firm foundation of gratitude.

A daily gratitude journal (which can be as simple as writing down one thing you’re grateful for) is a great place to start.

There are a lot of people today that receive spiritual counseling. They are getting help navigating the world around them, and they are making progress slowly. There are a lot of great things that come with this. If you are struggling with your life, and aren’t sure where to turn, consider the beauty of counseling, and how it can help you change things for the better. Finding guidance is a lot easier than you may think. At first glance, this may seem a bit much, but honestly, it’s something that is going to prove amazing, if you find the right resource.

Finding A Counselor

Believe it or not, some counselors can be found through medical means. Some insurance plans even cover counseling and mental health visits. You’re going to find that these visits can help you have someone to talk to about your daily routine, life, and anything that is bothering you. While this may not be a “cure”, it can definitely shine a light on the issues that you may be facing. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh set of eyes to look at what you’re dealing with on a regular basis. You’ll find that this can help you in a lot of different ways, and finding a counselor can be made simple.

When in doubt, look online for the benefits that come with spiritual counseling. You’ll see that it’s more than just about raising your mood and evaluating your mindfulness. There’s a lot to consider here, and a lot of it can help you see life in a new manner. As long as you approach the spiritual awakening with some lifestyle change, you will no doubt benefit from what a spiritual counselor can offer. Even if you’ve never gone this route, test the waters once, and see why so many go this route overall. Finding help is not difficult, especially in these modern times.

  • Be Generous

What goes around comes around. You never know if someone you help may find their way to success, or how that favor might be unexpectedly returned to you

That doesn’t mean you should do nice things with the intent of someone owing you a favor, though. Instead, developing genuine relationships is key.

It also doesn’t mean you should overextend yourself, trying to help everyone to the point where you’re exhausted. and not making time for yourself Instead, it’s about finding balance.

That balance will look a little different for everyone, depending on your life and obligations.

But even when life is busy, you’re likely to find occasions now and again when you feel inspired and capable of giving someone else a helping hand.

  • Trying New Things

If what you’re currently doing hasn’t gotten you closer to where you want to be, then take a long look at yourself, isn’t it time to take 2023 by the horns? Change your life.

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Do something different.

I don’t know why people are constantly doing the same thing over, and over again, and expecting different results.

Several life coaches I know argue that by changing up your routine, you open yourself to new possibilities.

There are both emotional and practical factors at play here …the brain needs new challenges.

On the practical side, trying something new will introduce you to new people, places, and ideas. Any of these things could lead to an unexpected opportunity in your professional or personal life.

Change your life. On the emotional side, consider this: Often, we get stuck in our routines. Even if we think we’re open to change, it’s hard to get out of our comfort zone and change our habits. (And yes, I’ve been guilty of this myself in the past.)

Foods For Better Health

There are stories in everything: Big stories, little stories, and the most important stories are in health. Finding the right story is paramount to success in reaching your goal. Any of us never leave our comfort zone unless we’re forced to. We are known as creatures of habits and when we’re confronted with a major change in life our routine is interrupted and we’re plunged into the unknown. Gaining new experience, and new knowledge and positively changing the way of thinking is the beginning of something ‘new’. Health is no different; nothing will change unless you make it happen. Only in the last decade or so research has uncovered how we can take control of our health.

The message over recent times has been very clear: Some foods are good for us and some are not. Research and tests have found that extracts from natural and whole foods are more effective in healing and can sustain optimal health better than anything else.

Can food save our lives?

There are many testimonials and facts of people who survived aggressive cancers through changing diets and lifestyles. The name “lifestyle” can often be misleading and also be called industrialized or westernized world diet, which mainly consists of fried fatty foods, takeaway, fast foods, artificial flavors, sugar unhealthy snacks, soft drinks, and sodas loaded with artificial sugars. These are only some of the foods causing the most of bad health; at the same time, it answers that burning question: The right food can save our lives.

Being or become healthy we have to avoid processed, genetically modified enhanced junk some of which we are eating every day. As long as we keep buying it and perpetuate the conglomerates, in return they continue to give us more and all of this with no objections from our governments.

On the other hand, can we expect governments to take the initiative to warn people or even ban these substances from being used that are linked to many carcinogenic products endangering millions of people’s lives?

This is why we must gain knowledge, read and learn how to avoid the things that can hurt us and see through those commercials that try to brainwash us.

What we don’t know not only can hurt us, it can take years of our life.

Foods for better health

The power of natural foods hasn’t been realized for some decades, or maybe forgotten or just exchanged for the often better-tasting processed ones. Boosting your immune system with whole foods, vegetables and fruits is the only sustainable way to optimal health. The most powerful way to up our mineral and vitamin consumption is by making drinks fresh from plants every day, by either blending or juicing vegetables and fruits together. Green drinks make you feel energetic, improve your skin and appearance, and help to drop those kilos at the same time.

Have a salad and a few sticks of celery before your meal; these raw greens and other veggies will ensure that we are getting our enzyme intake. Enzymes help to digest food better and make us feel full faster since they contain lots of fiber. Any fermented vegetables and fruits are excellent and good for your gut health. Cultured cabbage like sauerkraut and other vegetables are easily made in your kitchen to your taste.

Or create a very powerful miracle drink: All you need is one potato, one carrot, and one apple to make the juice; you can add some lemon or lime for better taste, put them all through the juicer, and drink while it’s fresh an hour before your meal.


 Strengthens the immune system, is good for eyesight and red eyes eliminate pain and muscle ache, assists bowel movement, eliminates constipation, good for acne and skin problems, lessens menstrual pain, and assists hay fever sufferers. According to some feedback it has prevented cancer cells to grow, prevented kidney, liver, and pancreas disease, and as well can cure ulcers. It can lower blood pressure and prevent heart attacks. For best results drink it first thing in the morning one hour before breakfast and late afternoon and make it fresh every time.

This is low in cost and little time involved in making it and will be a great benefit to your health. All vegetables and fruits have different benefits for different health issues. The most powerful ones are found in the cabbage family which includes broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. These green leafy vegetables have the highest nutritional and protein value, also the most needed omega 3, and other fatty acids which are essential for our body.

By changing our routine, we mentally open up to positive changes and look at challenges from new angles.

Changing Your LifeTo start, this change can be as big or as small as you’d like.

For example, is it time to change your job?

Or is it time to start small, by taking a new route home from work, reading in the evening instead of watching the news, or signing up for that art class, what about that home business you’ve been considering?

If you’re not sure where to begin, I’d recommend a small change to your daily schedule (like a short morning walk) or picking up a new hobby just for fun.

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