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The Art of Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Yes, you can have a harmonious relationship and this article focuses on that.

These questions often make us all wonder: “How do we make a relationship in the family harmonious” Is it possible to live without arguments and conflicts? How can we stay together, always supporting and loving each other”. It turns out that everything is not so complicated! It is necessary to know the essential rules that Emilia, a doctor on healing relationship injuries and life situations, teaches relationship classes.

Let’s look at three of them right now…

| Rule 1

Do you think it is necessary to praise your partner? We will share a little secret: every man needs to know that he is appreciated; otherwise, he closes up and feels unhappy in a relationship. Many years ago, Emilia’s grandmother taught this art to women.

As a little girl, Emilia listened to her words, but at that time, she did not understand their meaning or see their importance. And now, so much time later, she teaches others what she had heard from the wise woman before: pay attention to your man – and you will get the reward!

Anna said “I have been married for 10 years. We have two wonderful daughters, 5 and 7. Everything seems to be fine. But lately, I have a feeling that my husband and I have become distant from each other. We talk less. We spend almost no time together. We stay in the same room, but it feels as if on different planets.

I accidentally came across Emilia’s website and decided to ask her for help. There were many good reviews from various students. At the individual consultation, I received wise instructions that were necessary to maintain a good relationship in the family. I decided to apply one of them immediately on the same evening, I praised my husband for washing a cup by himself. I told him how wonderful he is a couple of times. And a miracle happened!

My husband began to smile in return, flirt, hug, and kiss me. We had a warm family evening and a night full of love. That’s a step towards what is a harmonious relationship if you strictly follow all the instructions Emilia gave me at the consultation. Thank you for this!

What is a harmonious relationship? There is a spiritual law; when we focus on some human quality, it brings development. If you constantly tell your man how conscientious and diligent he is, and that you can always rely on him, his sense of responsibility to you will increase and will keep developing. If you emphasize any negative trait of his, then, alas, it will certainly begin to develop as well. You should praise your man very sincerely, from your heart. Otherwise, all your words will not have a proper effect.

Someone will say: “There is nothing to praise for, there is nothing good in my man” Stop! Whatever do you mean, nothing to praise for? Why do you love him then? Why did you choose him? Remember something, the smallest thing that you can praise him for.

What is the purpose of a harmonious relationship? Well, sometimes it is not easy to do. Not only your resentments in your life but also the resentments of the whole lineage prevent you from doing it. Lineage resentments are the resentments of women in the whole family, of our ancestors. In such a situation, the help of a mentor, who will help you get rid of the negative energy accumulated over the centuries, is very important.

How to build a harmonious relationship with others. Emilia’s students reveal their creative center with the help of amulets worn in the neck area, beads, necklaces, or earrings. For example, if you pick and wear special shaman earrings with an image of an owl, the spirit of inspiration will awaken in you. You will find the right words, and compliments that you can easily tell your partner.

| Rule 2 

Harmonious relationship; do you ask for help? How often do you ask your man for help? Most likely, rarely… After all, we women are used to solving our problems by ourselves. A modern lady will not be scared even if she needs to repair a house. Hammer a nail? Okay. Hang up the shelf? No problem! Replace the wiring in the house – women can do it too if we need it. We do not ask for help because we prefer making it quickly ourselves and forgetting about the issue.

However, let’s still let the man show himself worth doing something. It doesn’t cost us anything, but your request will inspire him.

I obtained the education of an engineer. I am used to doing everything by myself, especially in everyday life. I always refuse my husband’s help, and it resulted in his laziness. Then he started to complain to me because of his unrealized male energy, which provoked endless arguments. My mother advised me to ask Emilia for help. I know she used to help her many times.

Harmonious relationship examples. After attending several seminars organized by Emilia, I learned a lot. First of all, I realized the mistake I had always made and why my husband began to slip away from me; he offered to help me many times, and I just brushed it aside like an annoying fly. It turned out that he was hurt. If we play the role of the iron lady and do not allow the man to help, he will feel unneeded and devalued.

This feeling will make someone who does not spend his resources on his woman starts to perceive her as a friend, partner, and ordinary cohabitant. I am so grateful to Emilia. She helped me understand, accept, and work on myself. My relationship with my husband started to get better. I never refuse his help. I even often ask for it myself. Yes, asking for help is the 2nd most important rule to maintain a harmonious relationship.

Are women called the fair sex? We argue that! But still, never hesitate to ask your husband for help, even if you know that you can do better. Believe me, he needs it. A man needs to assert himself and realize himself. You praised him (remember the first rule), and now he wants to do something pleasant for you. If you push him away and do not accept his help, then the story of Lisa from Atlanta will repeat.

He will think that you do not need him at all. He will become distant and close to himself. Your connection will be on the verge. You should never let it happen. But if it is really difficult for you to ask your partner for help, turn to Emilia. She will certainly help you by choosing the right amulet or ritual, especially for you and your situation.

| Rule 3

What is a harmonious relationship? When was the last time you thanked your partner? No matter the situation, the main thing is that these are sincere words of gratitude and they come from your heart. Sometimes, even the usual “thank you”, said with love, and tenderness, is more important than the most beautiful words! The words “thank you” are generally considered almost magical.

Ursula from Chicago says “I love my husband very much”. We have been together for almost 25 years. He is a good man. He always offers his help and always wants to please me. This has become so much of a habit that I stopped reacting to his actions. We became estranged. He spent more and more time at work and we almost did not see each other.

How to build harmonious relationships with others; I thought about it only when I accidentally came to Emilia’s class to support my friend. There, they talked about the importance of gratitude to keep a good relationship as a couple. After that, I started to say “thank you” to my husband more often.

And so, he once admitted that for the first time in a long time. He felt needed and loved. I was shocked! Now, he is always in a hurry to come back home and always brings flowers, because he knows that I need him very much and he is very important to me. The third key to success in a long and happy life together is gratitude.

What is the essence of building harmonious relationships with people? What can be simpler? But think how often we do not say “thank you” and hurt our dear person. Do not forget to thank your man!

The Secret of a Harmonious Relationship 2Always say, “Thank you, my love” And you will now notice your connection becoming stronger. So, you have learned three simple rules, three keys to success, and three components of a harmonious relationship with your beloved one.


Let’s remember them:

  • Praise your man sincerely if he deserves it;
  • Ask him for help and allow him to show himself;
  • Thank him for his efforts, he will be happy! But this wisdom alone is not enough.


First, it must be practiced to consolidate and multiply. Secondly, there are many other important recommendations that you can also use. Emilia will open to you the doors to the world of possibilities, and very soon you will discover that your family life has improved. You will realize that harmony is not difficult to achieve, everything is in our women’s hands. Now practice this harmonious relationship with the family.

Good luck, health, prosperity, and love will surely come to you all!



Better you

The Destruction of Love: How to End a Relationship

Destroy a Relationship Destroy a Relationship

Why being mindful of clients’ perspectives can keep them supporting your business

We all have them.

Days when everything pisses us off.

I doubt there’s a human being on this planet who hasn’t been in a bad mood now and then.

And for a variety of reasons too.

But there’s one thing we business owners have an unwritten rule about (well probably it’s written somewhere by someone) is that no matter what, we don’t bring our bad mood with us when communicating with clients.

Would you agree with that fundamental principle?

But how many times have you, as a client or customer, been on the receiving end of someone’s the bad mood?

It happened to me recently and that single instance destroyed a 30-year working relationship.

I had a hair appointment with the same gal that I’ve been seeing for decades. She works out of her home and lives about 25 minutes away from me. I know exactly how long it takes for me to get to her place and am typically on time, every time.

Except for the last two appointments.

The time previous to this last visit, I had an emergency come up just before heading out the door. It was something I had to take care of or faced dire consequences (as in having a very angry client on my hands!)

It meant I was going to be about 5 minutes late for my appointment. I texted her when I was leaving stating I was hurrying over and will be a few minutes late.

She didn’t reply and never said anything when I got there. We had our usual girl talk that I very much looked forward to.

This recent time I needed to do a quick errand before my appointment. I completely misjudged how much time it would take me to get from that other location to my stylist’s place. Plus… I got lost finding my way there since I was coming from a different direction.

I didn’t want to risk taking any time to stop and text her and honestly thought I was just a minute away… except it was more like 15 minutes before I finally got there.

I’ve never been 15 minutes late for anything and I felt terrible. I apologized profusely but unfortunately; she wouldn’t hear any of it.

Destroy a Relationship3She was pissed.

So angry in fact, she first lectured me on “always” being late, citing my text from the previous appointment, and that she was sick and tired of constantly hearing, “sorry I’m late” as if I’m the only one that says that every time I walk into her room.

Stunned at how mad she was, especially knowing it was the last appointment of the day, I apologized again and tried to explain why I was late and even offered to leave with my hair wet to make up for the lateness so we would still end in time.

I didn’t know what else to do to rectify my error. She was so angry; she gave me the silent treatment and only grunted her “hold your head here” and “move to the sink” commands throughout the entire time there.

I did leave with wet hair, 15 minutes earlier than what our appointment time would have ended had I been on time, vowing to never return.

I fully realize I was the catalyst that set off her anger, and I also realize she had to have been having one hell of a bad day before I arrived, and I got the brunt of her wrath. I get it.

But as a customer, a loyal one for 30 years at that, there’s no excuse whatsoever to be treated like that.


When I have bad days like what she must have experienced, I set aside whatever is going on and treat anyone whom I speak with that day, whether it’s one of our team members, a client, a lead or even chatting on social media, with the utmost respect and kindness.

Even if they are the reason for my having a bad day. It serves no purpose whatsoever to make the other person feel worse than what I am feeling. I found this experience to be so distressing, I posted about it on Facebook.

I received a variety of responses, ranging from my owing her an apology (which I did) to justifying why she blew up, right over to demanding I fire her on the spot (which I ended up doing).

These kinds of responses go to show how we are all human and all look at experiences from our lens and history. For me, I was taken straight back to elementary school when I was the victim of bullying quite a bit. A feeling I never want to experience again! Destroy a Relationship

Others empathized with her where time is very important to them and get angry themselves when someone disrespects it. (I’m the same way – being punctual is a huge deal for me.)

One thing I have done as a result of this experience is to find the lesson behind it all. For one, I will plan my time better and ensure I give myself enough time to do what needs to be done in time!

I also learned just how fragile our relationships can be. She lost a client of 30 years – and I lost any further opportunities to visit with someone I’ve known for a long time to get some of the much-valued girl time I look forward to with each visit.

It doesn’t take much to destroy a 30-year working relationship.

Yes, I realize I could reach out and try to mend the fences but I am choosing not to. At least not right now.

At the end of the day, this lesson goes to show how important it is for us all to keep our anger in check. To realize our anger is being received by the other person, and be aware of how they are receiving it with their response. They won’t always understand where you are coming from because they’re looking at things from a different perspective.

So, what do we do when we’re having a bad day and business must go on?

If you ever find yourself feeling angry, whether justified or not, here are eight tips on what you can do to avoid creating irreparable situations with your clients:

  1. Exercise. Go for a walk, head to the gym, and box with a punching bag. Whatever works for you to do some venting.
  2. Meditate. Or just sit quietly and practice deep breathing.  Destroy a Relationship
  3. Yoga. Nothing is better at centering our emotions and getting back in touch with our bodies than practicing yoga.
  4. Watch a funny show or listen to a positive podcast. It’s amazing how quickly your anger can turn around when you’re laughing or receiving positive energy from someone else!
  5. Use anger as motivation. If you can control the scenario that’s causing your anger, then you can do something about it!
  6. Focus on something more positive. A great thing to do here is to think of something you are grateful for and focus on why you’re so grateful for it. Putting yourself in a state of gratefulness will trigger those happy endorphins and will get you out of that crappy mood fast.
  7. Get productive. Feeling on purpose can be quite energizing. If you have something that’s calling your name, get busy and shift your attention to that.
  8. Write in a journal. A great way to release that negative vibe from your body is to write it out. Keep writing until you’ve vented everything that comes to mind. Even if it’s not the same thing that got you angry in the first place – just let it all out!

I’m curious if you have ever experienced someone either getting angry with you in a business relationship or did you lose your cool and get angry with a client or service provider? How did it turn out? What lesson did you learn? And do you have any other tips on how to let go of anger to share?


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